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Free Printable Love Notes and Loving Words

Updated on June 20, 2017
Chocolate photo with love note
Chocolate photo with love note | Source

Fun & Sweet Messages to Share

Are you in love? Lucky you! And now you want to share with that special person just how they make you feel. Awesome!

Check out these silly, mushy, funny, sincere, and crazy love words to print and cut out for your one and only, that secret crush, or someone for whom you might be falling!

Below you will:

  • Find out how to write a heartfelt note
  • Find creative, funny and romantic uses for your messages
  • Answer fun poll questions and see what others are thinking!

Have fun printing out and/or sharing these fun messages!

Teddy Bear Love Note Photo
Teddy Bear Love Note Photo | Source

Do you think love notes are fun and romantic?

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Mushy & Funny Words to Copy

Here are some ideas to get your started. Some of these phrases will make great texts, too!

Cute Stuff

  • Here's a sweet for my sweet! (*stick this note to a candy bar)
  • I can't bear to be without you (*stick this one to a teddy bear)
  • You and I are epic together!
  • A minute with you beats an hour without you.
  • I can't wait to be with you again!!!
  • You make me smile.
  • Think of me at 2:14 and I will think of you too.
  • I'll be missing you today!
  • This coupon is good for...

Amusing Stuff

  • Roses, gold, diamonds. a new car. None of those is better than you. Just don't ask about chocolate. I mean, you're better than chocolate... (Just please don't make me choose. That would be cruel.)
  • Hey! I love you! get back to whatever you were doing...
  • You are the butter to my toast.

Mushy Stuff

  • I'm thinking about you right now.
  • My Facebook status today: "Madly in Love!!!"
  • Every day I find more and more to love about you and about us.
  • I'm so glad there's an "us."
  • My heart beats faster every time I think of you.
  • U+Me = 4 Ever
  • I love you
  • Everything thing I am, I owe to you.

For Your Crush

  • Someone might have a little crush on you. Guess who! Me!
  • Wanna go out with me?
  • Maybe you and I are meant for each other. Want to go out and see?
  • I'm taking a chance. You and me? Maybe?
  • I think I am starting to more-than-just-friends you

Your Fortune:

You will be madly in love, forever, with the one who gave you this note.

Tulips photo
Tulips photo | Source

How to Write a Love Note

Writing can sometime be intimidating. Writing about your deepest feeling can be really intimidating! If you feel nervous or stumped about putting your feelings into words, maybe these tips will help:

  • Pick a style: Cute, romantic, funny, sweet
  • Think about how you feel. Think about how they feel.
  • Consider your current relationship with the other person.
  • Don't try too hard. Enjoy the process.
  • If you are shy, write what you would say out loud if you could.
  • Be real. Write from your heart.

Ideas for How to Use Your Notes

Now you've got some words put together. What's next? Well, you can just hand them to someone or you can get more creative. Below are some ideas to consider. Which ones will you give a try?

  • Hide sweet words around the house, in books, in lunch boxes, in pockets and purses, on the dash of a car. Your sweetie will find them and think of you!
  • Make a giant poster-sized message
  • Hide a note under a sandwich on a plate
  • Cut out paper hearts and write things on them. Tape all over the place!
  • When someone will be traveling, stick a small message in his/her suitcase.
  • Tape a cute note to your crush's favorite candy
  • Make a homemade card and mail it
  • Write on a helium balloon with a marker
  • Decorate a cake with your words
  • Attach a message to a bouquet of flowers or a teddy bear
  • Text it
  • Post it on Facebook
  • Draw a cute comic
  • Tape it to a bottle or can of your sweetheart's favorite drink
  • Make a "flag" out of your note and a straw and stick it in a glass, a bowl of ice cream, or in a sandwich

You are

the bubbles in my soda, the ice cream in my float, the cherry on my sundae, the extra butter on my popcorn, the sunshine on my face, the hair in my wind... uh, no... that's not right... ah heck... well... you know... a whole lot more really, really cool stuff like that.

So anyway... I really like you. OK?

I Am So Badly Falling For You.

Have you ever hidden a love note for someone?

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I Think I Might Love You

Do you think maybe you might love me too?

Have you ever found a hidden love note left for you?

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