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Freedom is a Privilege

Updated on August 14, 2014

Freedom is always taken for granted by citizens living in a country or city.

Luckily, we never think twice before we step out of the house for an errand or work.

Thanks to our surroundings, which are kept under constant vigil for any stirs, which could be caused by some resilient human.We do not take this freedom seriously unless and until we are faced with a situation where we have to think twice before taking any action.

An Incident in my neighborhood

I woke up on Tuesday morning with the sound of a gunshot in my neighborhood where a man had shot his co-workers and was armed and in the neighborhood. SWAT Team was in our neighborhood trying to get hold of this man since he was equipped with a weapon and could be dangerous. He was chased around but to no luck.

Being a residential area, he went into hiding and was difficult to be spotted. However, life was trying to be normal for many people by dropping their kids to school and trying to wear a smile as if things are under control.

Unfortunately, this man who was into hiding tried to car jack and injured a woman while doing so.

That created another loud sound of a bullet and brought everyone to a standstill.

Schools were put on code blue and helicopters were swirling around. Civilians were popping their heads out of their window curiously and would get updates via email of the situation and via reverse 911 calls.

This is not a pleasant situation to be in. Civilians were thinking twice before stepping out of their homes, and when the time for school departure came; parents were cautious to drive their kid back home instead of walking them back home.

Everyone wanted to take shelter. There was no activity in our local park that evening. People chose to come home early and preferred to stay indoors. This made the toddlers curious. Children five years and above were made aware of what’s happening around in their neighborhood via the schools. They were scared stiff and wanted updates by the hour once home.

Parents were hooked on the hourly news and prayed for everyone’s safety. It was not a pleasant scenario, and it made me suffocate in my home.

The SWAT Team was efficient and found him by twilight. News of the captured convict spread like viral. People were jubilant, and practically the whole neighborhood was out on the street.

People were seen talking to their neighbors as if it had been days they had seen each other. There was a momentous sigh of relief on each and everyone’s faces.

Freedom is a privilege

Freedom, when constricted makes one asphyxiated. We all are born free individuals, and when such incident happens, it makes us realize that the freedom is precious and always treasured.

Let us Ponder over the countries where there is political unrest.

Made me think of all the human beings in the countries where there is constant turmoil and political unrest.

How do they live their lives?

In constant fear, or they must be living life EACH day. If, they get to see their loved one back home that an is a YAY or else a NAY.

The Value of Freedom

Freedom...this is when you realize what it means.

Unfortunately, it does not come free, and there are some humans who prefer to get trained in that field so that they can fight for freedom when the time comes.

We, the people do not want War, and our trained forces help keep sanity in our town and give us Freedom. They help fight for our freedom and keep their lives at stake. Such a noble and selfless act is not easy to perform.

Life is precious for all but, and some choose to live to protect others. Such people are rare species. They are a symbol of chivalry and gallantry.

A Salute to our armed forces.

I take this opportunity to salute such humans who want to keep the sanity of the town by sacrificing their lives since it is not an easy decision to give away your life over others.

Jai Ho!

A Beautiful song by Bobby Darin on a Simple Song of Freedom


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