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Friends with no benefits: Friend zone and using it to your advantage

Updated on September 27, 2013

Be honest

Do you feel as if you are in the friend zone?

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Friend zone mistakes

  • Looking desperate- You spend too much time with them, you always the first one to text them and you answer all of their phone calls. This makes it look as if you have no life and desperate.
  • · To open- Telling them too much about you can make you seem kind of crazy. It’s good to let them find out certain things about you on their own.
  • · No challenge- If you always running errands for them, and jumping through hoops for them, this will most definitely put you in the friend zone. Something worth having doesn’t come easy.

Warning! You are now entering the friend zone

You meet someone you like and you spend a lot of your time with them. You both tell each other your hopes, dreams, fears, your likes, and dislikes. You put a lot of energy into getting to know them, so now for the moment of truth. You tell them how you feel and they tell you that your more like a friend to them(OUCH!). The truth is that they already know how you feel about them. You're probably like, "How did they know that I liked them?"; well more than likely you've made some of the most common mistake people make to get thrown into the friend zone. People make these mistakes, because they think that they might lose them, so they try very hard to keep their interest. Its never a good idea to make it obvious that you like them.


Welcome to the friend zone

Getting thrown into the friend zone can seek up on you and it’s too late to turn it around. Fellas, imagine being one of her guy pals who really just wanna be more than friends (sucks I know). Ladies, imagine helping that guy that you want pick a gift to impress another girl. There are signals that people don't pick up on. When trying to take the relationship to the next level, watch out for these signs:

  • · Someone else- If they are talking about how attractive, tough, cool, sweet, or smart someone else is, chances are they don't think about you that way. This is their way of rejecting you without hurting you feelings (they know what their doing).
  • · Being one of the gang- For a guy: If she talk to you about sex with another man and then decide to get into detail, she probably thinks you can't handle her in bed. For women: If a guy talks to you about women as if you were just one of the boys, they may not find you attractive.
  • · Errand boy- If they always asking you for things and you see nothing in return, you’re being used. Most likely they won't call you unless they need something from you. Be careful with this on sign, you might not realize it until its to late.
  • · Hook up- At this point they're trying to get rid of you by introducing you to one of their friends. Of all the signs, this has got to be the most obvious and most insulting one of all.

All though your relationship with them you will see a few of the above signs. Like I said before, they are doing this on purpose hoping you'll get the hint. Fret not this does not mean that there is no way out of the friend zone; you can actually use this status to your advantage to work your way to their heart.

Tools to battle the friend zone

  • Their likes
  • Their dislikes
  • Their hopes
  • Their fears
  • Their dreams
  • Their type

Advantage of the friend zone

At this point you have successfully made your way into the friend zone; don’t let this get you down, because for every failure lies an equal or greater benefit. First real couple should start off as friends anyway. So now that you are in the friend zone you have easy access to their likes, dislikes, hopes, fears, dreams, and most importantly, their type. Now that you have this information at your disposal it’s time to go on the offensive.


Exit strategy

Now it’s time to get out of the friend zone; the best part about this is, not only can you get out of the zone, you can have them wanting you. Here how to do so:

1.) Become their type

You've done the research, so you know what they like in a mate. Once they notice you, they'll begin to look at you differently.

2.) Ignore them

You’ve got their attention, but they see that you don't care. Ignore all the little things they use to do with you. Don't answer a few phone call, let them text you first, and stop doing all the other small things that you use to do for them. This would drive them crazy, but in a good way. At this point you are probably on their mind right NOW!

3.) Show Other Interest

There are plenty fish in the sea (there is a website) and you should let them know that. Next time you guys are talking, tell them about that guy you think is handsome or the girl with the rocking body (lets see how they like it).

This works because people love to be adored by others, so once it stops they begin to doubt themselves a little if that guy/girl is no longer crazy about them. In this possess you may become more attractive to others and realize that you deserve someone who appreciate you for the things you do for them. As for the one who put you in the friend zone, their now in your friend zone.

Have you ever put someone in the friend zone?

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