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Relationships - Understanding the Nature of Relationships

Updated on August 16, 2020
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Joyette believes that in sharing, through her Life Lessons hubs, she can empower others and assist them in making more informed decisions.

Make Each Other Royal


Lover or Friend

A relationship is a connection between people or parties. Whether the relationship is in the context of love or friendship, it is meant to be a beautiful and fulfilling experience and no matter the outcome, we are usually richer or stronger for having gone through it. Granted, there are exceptions, but generally, the saying is true that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Likewise, it is better to have experienced strong and rewarding friendships even if temporary than to live a lonely, empty life. Here are some important facts about relationships:

Relationships Are Not Always Meant to be Permanent

  • Sometimes God sends someone in our lives for a specific purpose and only for a season. It may be that we need some support to take us through a trying experience at a particular time; someone to rescue us in time of trouble or perhaps just to provide companionship to help us go through a very lonely spell. Whatever the reason, sometimes a relationship was only meant to be transitory.
  • Our lives are therefore, like open hallways through which others pass . Some linger; many just move on, only a few ever stay. We should be grateful for the friends who pass, even more grateful for those who linger, for in that brief sojourn they may impact positively on our lives and leave memories which are sometimes unforgettable. Every friend is thus, a sojourner. Indeed, we are all sojourners in each other’s lives. We are eternally grateful for those whose sojourn in our lives last a lifetime.
  • Friends don't stay forever. When a friend drops out of our lives, we should not engage in resentful thoughts or feelings of betrayal. We should not cast the relationship aside as having been insincere, forgetting all the happiness, pleasure or benefits that we derived from it. Rather, we need to recognize and accept that the person has moved on. Perhaps his/her mission in our lives has been accomplished and there is somebody else out there who needs him/her in much the same way that we did.
  • When God places us in someone’s life we have the privilege of being angels and it is up to us to be good angels. We should strive to leave positive imprints on the lives of those whom we touch so that when they look back they can count us among the persons whose friendship enriched their lives. Also, we too must be able to look back with satisfaction at having been good angels; at having made a positive difference in someone else’s life.
  • Even lovers fall apart . Too often we allow ourselves to be devastated when a love relationship falls apart, but perhaps it was never meant to be permanent; perhaps it was not God's plan that we continue the journey with this partner. If we could only cast resentments away for a moment and reflect on the happy moments of the relationship then it would be easier to experience gratitude for the good that came out of it and accept the fact that the time has come for both parties to move on with life even if it means going separate ways.
  • When a relationship ends, we need to look back at the lessons learned, the joys shared and the growth experienced from it. This will allow us to experience a great measure of comfort and fulfillment. More importantly, we need to recognize that we too pass through other people’s lives.

Remember, life is a journey and every one of us is just a sojourner, an angel, specially chosen by God to fulfill a mission in the lives of our fellowmen.

Friends in Every Season

Relationships Do Not Always Require Recipocity

Usually reciprocity is what fires a relationship. Indeed, no one likes to be always on the giving end only; receiving definitely brings a very good feeling. But is everyone in the position to give back in kind? Certainly not! In giving help, support, love or encouragement to a brother or sister in need, the reward should be the satisfaction of being able to do so. The person whom you have assisted might be able to reciprocate at some time in the future, but even if he or she does not, rest assured that there will always be someone else there for you when your time of need comes around; someone probably more able in your specific situation than the person whom you assisted. Therefore do not always look for the reward; it is not about receiving, but about giving because you are able to do so.

Have You Ever Been There for Someone?

Have You ever helped someone simply because you were in a position to do so? If yes How did you feel?

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