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Friendship Day

Updated on October 22, 2011

It's the rejoice the world's most precious, exquisite and unique bond of togetherness - FRIENDSHIP!

It is just the best thing that can happen to anyone... why? Simple! Because friends are one of those millions of people who come across in our life just like any ordinary person but somehow manage to stand out as the most special and earnestly exceptional.

History of Friendship Day

Friendship is a beautiful bond between two people who adjust to each other's needs and satiate the voids in life created by time, fate and circumstances with their love, trust and compassion. The importance of a helping hand has been recognised since the creation of human beings. The difference that a listening ear and sympathising words can create on the human mind is astounding. To honour friends and friendship the first Sunday of August was avowed as a holiday in US by a proclamation made by US Congress in 1935.

Since then, the month of August brings the people of many countries the opportunity to cherish the graceful relationship and show how much they care and appreciate the concern of their friends on the World Friendship Day. The day is marked every year by friends meeting and exchanging flowers and presents. Events and programmes are planned and managed by social and cultural organisations. This year it is being celebrated on August 3.

However, some other days are devoted to commemorate the bond at different time and customs, such as:

National Friendship Day - on the first Sunday in August

Women's Friendship Day - on the third Sunday in August

International Friendship Month - February

Old Friends, New Friends Week - the third week of May

No matter what day or way, the gist is the same - to tell the most special people in your life that they are truly regarded as one.


When it comes to celebrating the day meant for friends and friends alone, let's not forget the old and the far. There are so many people in our lives who come, stay and then with time either leave or somehow lose contact. We move on and so they do, yet whenever they are remembered we have smile on our faces. Let the day be a reason for you to remember all those people in your lives who came at whatever stage in your life but traced inimitable waves with their touch.

Moreover, award yourself the otherwise rare chance of appreciating all those people who made some contribution in your lives and helped stretch that beautiful curve across your face in spite of whatever they themselves were going through, those who believed in you when you yourself were undecided about something and those who stood by you when the rest of the world went off in a huff. May those be any of your relatives, grand parents or teachers who played out the friends when needed or the neighbourhood boy, old school companions, cell friends in different out-of-the-reach locations or the bottomless list of all those unseen but loved people who made a place in your heart via the virtual world - on this day let's prize and revere all those holy souls who somehow added the worth in our lives and without whom, life would have been but incomplete.

Why is it special?

Ever thought with so many people to take care of us already, why would anyone need yet another horde of hassle in the form of people who depend upon us for their silly jobs and come running to us every time they had their bad and to top it all expect us to listen to their crap tales and sympathise even better than the movie mums!

People who never had true friends would never know what it is like to have one or the diversity they bring to life. For in spite of all the people - parents, grand parents, siblings, relatives, teachers and all the rest - they still manage to be the first and the obvious choice when it comes to share, care and adore. It is because of the unbound concern they have for any single change - positive or negative happening in your life, unconditional support at every moment you need it and many a times even when you don't and the profound patience they have to accept you with your flaws and errs that you do and yet be the most amenable, approachable and concerned person around.

Friend is not a person who you can't manage to live without, but a person who if around makes a life worth living and cherishing. They are people who make the worst appear the best and who help you cope with life cheerfully. Go to the nastiest of places but with your company and you are bound to have immeasurable fun, for it is not in the world that happiness lie but in your own self and a friend is that someone who peeks into your heart, dissolving all the created barriers and walls that you laid and helps bring the best out of yourself by making you comfortable and acceptable to your own inadequacies.

And moreover, to have one such friend it is important to be one. Though it is not a give and take relation, but yes, the more you give the more you will receive, not out of obligation but just naturally, straight from the heart. That's the best thing about it, you are not coerced to do it but you still do it, all willingly and with the best of feels. That is what is called...a holy relationship!

Ways to celebrate

The ideas to reach out to your friends may vary according to the liking of yourself and of your friends, where they reside and the most convenient options available. Make sure you let them all know that you care and don't forget anyone.

For the distant ones, you can create a greeting card with your hands and decorate it with the pictures you have together or may be write a letter telling the friend your updates along with a friendship band or may be get a frame of some beautiful snap together and post it. Online cards, already available or self-created can serve the purpose as well. Use all your creativity, time and devotion and do it the best way possible, all right? Your friends deserve it!

For the near ones, a get-together should do. You can bake a friendship cake, watch a movie together, party at some hip place - anything or everything, the point is the same - to spend some quality time as one, recollect sweet memories and let go of any hard feelings that might have developed due to misunderstanding and lack of will or time to sort them. Cheers to all the friends out there and the spirit of friendship. Keep it alive!


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    • profile image

      Euro Boy 

      9 years ago

      What happend friends????

      No new post yet?

    • profile image

      Euro Boy 

      9 years ago

      Hey koolkat!

      you just love friendship day not your friends?????

      waiting for your post.... !!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Euro Boy 

      9 years ago

      I love the friends who are real friends becouse aaj kal har koi hath milanay walla friend nahi ban sakta... Friendship needs trust.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i love friendship in life

    • profile image


      9 years ago


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i LOVE friendship day!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Friendship is like a Snow ball,which is easy to make but hard to keep. So always try to be cool.

    • New Life profile image

      New Life 

      10 years ago from Chandler, Arizona

      Thanks for your article! Wow Friends are such hidden treasures. I know I love mine. Enjoyed it thanks for the info


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