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Human Likeness

Updated on December 7, 2013

Lights Courtesy the Skyway

When First We Meet

"You can't miss this party," I rolled my eyes at the text. Was there ever a party I could miss? My phone buzzed again.

"He's going to be there."

My breath caught, "Who's going to be there?"

I counted my heart beats and waited, "You know." I exhaled and fell back onto my bed, letting my phone drop out of my hand. My mind started wondering and I let myself go back to the first night I met him.

I could feel the bass booming before I stepped foot into the elevator. Standing next to me was Mario and Luigi, a male pirate, and 3 slutty girls dressed up as 3 slutty girls. When the door opened music flooded my ears and assaulted my body. One of the girls giggled and winked at me as she walked out with her friends following behind her. I stepped out of the elevator and into the dim lighting of the club. There were people sporting costumes all over the dance floor. I smiled to myself and began moving my way through the edge of the crowd looking for my friend. Top hat, he's in a red top hat. I scanned the crowd for a few minutes before he spotted me. I made a small wave at him and he smiled. He immediately came over and hugged me.

"You made it," he said as he released me from his embrace. "Sorry if I get a little touchy feely. I'm hitting it pretty hard right now."

"Of course I made it, and don't worry it's fine. Where is everyone?"

"I don't think you will know anyone here. Did you come by yourself?"

"Yeah, I took a cab." He gave me a smirk. "What?" I asked with a nervous smile.

"Nothing I just think it's cool that you came by yourself. Do you want a drink or something?"

I showed him my Xd out hands, "Need you even ask?"

He smiled and laughed, "What do you want?"

I put $8 in his hand. "Get me something fruity. I don't care what it is as long as it isn't beer."

"Okay I'll be right back."

I turned my attention back on the Dj and it wasn't long before I was moving to the music. My body swayed in tune and I made my way closer to the front. As I moved forward I could feel the heat off of all the other bodies around me. Some of them were moving with the beat in slow fluid motions, others were more sporadic and fast. When I got to the front I tried to let go to the dance but my body was too stiff. I turned around to see if Kevin was on his way with my drink. As I was turning I bumped into some guy that was dancing close to me and he dropped his drink on the floor. Shit. "Oh my God," I whispered. "I'm real.." My words stopped short when I looked up from the floor and into his intense blue eyes.

"Don't worry about it," he said baring his teeth at me. They were just as stunning as his eyes.

"I guess I owe you a drink," I said playing it cool but smiling nervously. Just then someone rested there hand on my right shoulder with a drink in the other hand to my left. I turned my head up to see Kevin's upside down face smiling back at me. He kissed my nose and I took the drink from him.

"It's a cranberry vodka," Kevin whispering into my ear, and then leaning up he said, "I see you found my friend here," he gestured toward the man who's drink I had just spilled. I took a long swig of the drink in my own hand.

"My name is Joe, but people usually just call me the blue guy." He tipped his hat and winked at me. What is with everyone winking at me tonight? I took another quick drink and looked away. Kevin laughed and I could see Joe smiling out of the corner of my eye.

"This guy behind me in the yellow is Dean. And the guy in the white get up is Mexi Kevin." Kevin yelled next to my ear. They were both dancing and gave quick hellos.

The four of these guys were all dressed the same. Kevin was wearing black suspenders attached to a pair of black bicycle shorts, along with his signature red top hat. Joe was wearing the same thing, minus the suspenders and shorts, only it was in blue. Dean had a cheap mask over his face and reminded me of a banana, and Mexi Kevin looked like a gangsta in his white threads. To tie it all together they all wore handkerchiefs around their necks. With out meaning to I started laughing uncontrollably.

"Who's idea was it for all of you to dress the same?" I asked Kevin.

"Actually," Joe chimed in, passing a pipe to me, "it was Kevin's idea. He didn't want the rest of us to get lost."

I smiled taking the pipe, "What is this thing?"

Joe smiled back at me, he got close to my face, "It's an E Cig, without the tobacco." His smile broadened. I gave him a stupid look. "Try to keep it as up right as you can. And make sure the button is lit."

I took a long hit and passed the E Cig on to Kevin. I finished off my drink and tossed it in a nearby trash can. The music was really thumping threw me now and I could feel myself letting go. I danced my way to a more open spot and let the music have its way with me. I rolled my hands through the air above my head in circular motions and moved my hips in rhythm. I moved with the beat, in the beat, and I became the beat. I closed my eyes and felt the stage lights running across my face, and soon my body was a liquid drop in the pool of people. I tipped my head upward, smiling as my head moved from side to side. Here I can be anything, I can be free.

I opened my eyes again to see Joe openly smiling at me. I smiled back and turned away from him but paused to look over my shoulder. Catch me. Then without delay I disappeared among the crowd. I was smirking to myself when I found Kevin. "What are we drinking?" I asked as I peered at him.

"Vodka Redbull," he said handing me the drink. I took a sip. "Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it's really good." I took another drink and went to hand it back to him.

"Go ahead and drink the rest. It will keep your energy up."

"Thanks." I considered the drink for a moment. It wasn't as harsh going down as the other one was. Then I noticed that Kevin was staring at me. I looked him in the face, "Yes?"

"I really like the way you did your hair tonight. And your costume and makeup are really cool too," he said touching my hair. "What are you?"

I looked down at myself. I was wearing a cheetah skirt that I had turned into a one shoulder dress with a brown sheath of cold coins wrapped around my upper body. A piece of grey fur was covering my bra strap on the other side and I had a multicolored scarf tied around my midsection. I felt my hair out of self consciousness. It was crunchy as hell "That's a good question. I kind of just put something together before I left."

He leaned in closer, "You look wild."

I laughed out loud, "I guess I'm a wild women."

I walked away from him to get some cool air on my hot skin. There was a line going out the door. You have got to be kidding me. I went to the front of the line and gave the door guard my best smile.

"Go ahead," he said motioning his head toward the door.

"Thank you." I said beaming at him. Once I was outside I inhaled the chilly night air. It felt good to be away from all the body heat on the floor. I moved myself closer to the fence line and took in the city view as I leaned over the railing.

"Careful," came a voice from my left. "The last person that did that knocked the railing over."

I looked over to see Joe standing there with his mask and hat off. "Where's your disguise cowboy?"

"Cowboy? I'm no ruffian lady. I'll have you know that I am a full blown gentlemen." He edged closer to me.

"First of all Joseph, my name is Emyr, and secondly gentlemen don't wear half shirts," I gestured at the satin blue vest he was wearing. He smiled, "And stop doing that."

"Stop doing what?" He was so close now he was breathing on me. Out of nervousness I tried moving away from him but I slipped and fell sideways into the railing. I braced myself for impact but was surprised when my shoulders were caught mid-fall. Joe balanced me and I let my hands rest on his chest. I froze as his fingers trailed down my arms. I could feel his abs underneath my fingertips. A flush rose to my face as I looked up at him. He was looking at me with a sincerity that made my body melt into him. Our bodies were so close I could feel heat emanating from him. His hands scaled my forearms, over my shoulders, and up my neck. He tilted my head to one side and leaned in, touching his mouth to my ear and breathed, "Only my mother calls me Joseph." When he pulled away to look at me his eyes were twinkling. My face caught on fire with embarrassment.

I pushed him off of me and looked away, "You're a Goddamn idiot," I said as I stormed off.

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Bar Fly and Skyway Theatre Minneapolis, MN


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