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From Friendship To Relationship

Updated on March 12, 2013

Young people seem to think that going from being best friends to being in a relationship with each other is a great and easy thing to do. You already know everything about the person, it wont be awkward on dates, you know their perfections and flaws, and you know how happy you can be. It looks like its a straight shot to your happily ever after.

But, of course things are going to change, things you wouldn't realize:

  • What if your best guy friend has a lot of other friends who are girls? What if you are mutual friends and you know one of the other girls has feelings for him? Once you two are together, are you still going to let them talk and hang out with them too? Jealousy is a huge factor that can change all of this.
  • Getting too attached early on. This can happen in all relationships, but, since you already know the person, that step is over, so you're going right into the "honeymoon phase" especially since you two are already comfortable with each other.
  • Arguing is going to occur more, since you two have already been around each other so much.
  • The person knowing all of your past. What if you were friends with this person while in another relationship? That could be hurting the person and might even make them put up a bit of a wall if they know what happened in your last relationship? This COULD be an issue.

But once you put that aside, going from a best friendship into a relationship is a great thing. But, just like any relationship, it does require work. Me and my boyfriend were best friends for at least 6 months before we started dating. We argue about the littlest things every once in a while, but not too bad.

Don't get discouraged, there are a lot more positive outcomes, such as:

  • Already being comfortable with each other. You already know the person, and their likes and dislikes.
  • Sharing a common bond. Whether it be food, places to go, music, etc... you already know what you to both like and dislike. So, instead of awkwardly picking a place for a date, you both know where to go and where the other person likes!
  • The other person knows your pet peeves and have seen your bad side. Girls, we all know we can have a bit of a temper. Going into the new dating phase, its hard to hide it, and hard to realize they don't know why you're upset and that could drive them away. Your best friend already knows what causes it and how to stop it.
  • There is a very good chance your family already knows the person, so for some people, that can be a huge relief. Instead of having the old awkward family dinner, they already know who the person is, and won't have to worry about them treating you well.

All in all, dating your best friend could be difficult at times, but the good overrides the bad! Its much easier to already know the person if you're ready to be in a relationship.


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