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Frustrated and Jaded

Updated on August 29, 2009


Why did I continue reading it knowing that it was angering me with each word read? “Ashley Madison’s cheaters club, have an affair-life’s too short” are you freaking kidding me? And this Vanity Fair article with undercover journalist by her own experience per her opinion none of the men are bad people. No they aren’t bad people they are losers, wimps, cowards but men they are not! Each one of them gave an excuse on why they were cheating and each excuse was to place blame on their wife for them wanting to cheat but wait their wives were so perfect in other ways, they were good wives and mothers. They had families they didn’t want to destroy, children they loved and adored but not so much because they chose to experiment with the chance to ruin their family’s life by having an affair. Explain this to me when we are in search for a mate as husband and wife we look to them to be sexually attractive, providers, equal partners, and most importantly friends! Why aren’t we marrying our friends? Why are we marrying those who we think fits this mold of a person that will make a good partner? Could this be the reason for our country’s high divorce rate? I tell you this is the reason why it’s so hard to be positive about one day finding that special someone for myself.  All of these married couples, cheating husbands and wives stand before God, and or the Justice of Peace and they say their vows before God (religious bonding and commitment) to love one another for better and for worse. Are these people Christian people and or persons that believe in God at all and or the bible? If so my first response would be “Bull Shit” because per the bible it’s a sin to commit adultery, or did I interpret that incorrectly?  I am not 100% holy and or religious but I do believe in God. It burns me up to know that persons who are married choose to live a lie. Why get married? There is no such thing as having an open marriage; I tell you what it is, its burning hell wide open. No sin is greater and or lesser than the other. Now that’s the reality, for if life is too short- don’t get married and ruin someone’s life and waste someone’s time! I have been approached by married men who have been open about their marriage from the beginning which gave me the opportunity to make a choice and then there are those that have lied and covered up any traces of them being married and they take that choice from you they make you become the other woman with false hopes and lies. I would say that life wasn’t fair but hell that’s life. This article and the married men that constantly approach me, and try my thinning patience has only opened my eyes wider and burned a larger hole in my heart. Frustrations and anger overwhelms me. To all the men and women out there making excuses about what their wives and husbands aren’t doing to satisfy them sexually you are nothing but cowards who don’t have the intellect to communicate with your spouse. You are losers because it’s not because you can’t communicate in fear that it will ruin your relationships its because you want to cheat, you want your cake and ice cream and then some. You are never truly satisfied with what you have and you will always want more. You could be with that woman that did everything your heart sexually desired and you would still find some excuse to cheat on him/her. Stop making excuses, stop lying to yourself and to the persons you meet thinking it will help your cheating situation. Just remember Karma comes back full circle.


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