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20 Fun Date Night Ideas

Updated on July 8, 2013

Planning a fun date night is not always easy to do.It is more hard especially when you have been there done that.Date night should not be stressful to help keep your marriage strong, date night should be fun of course but you should also make it novel in some way, or you'll grow bored with your time together and, possibly, with each other.Even when dating some one it is important to keep the date night fun and some times some thing spontaneous keeps the relationship alive.We all know going on frequent dates with our spouse is a prerequisite for a strong and healthy marriage.First, you need to evaluate how many dates you can and want to go on. Set a realistic number. If it’s been a while, start with one date a month minimum if it is a new relationship may be start of going out on a weekend and once you know more about each other make it one in the week and the weekend.You don't have to always woo your spouse with a fancy night on the town,but you should find new exciting activities to do together.

Date Night Ideas

1.Do a theme night like a french night in paris.You could go to a french restaurant or go to a winery and do cheese and wine.

2. Volunteer at a charity or a shelter.

3.Make your own board game or play board games with fun prizes.

4.Go play putt putt and go-carting

5.Go see fire works with a little picnic and wine.

6.Take a trip to a hobby store and pick out a project to do together.

7.Create a scrapbook together and talking about the memory of that picture.

8.Take a walk on a moonlight lake and may be camp for the night.

9.Attend a painting class.

10.Try a dance lesson.

11.Make a bucket list and try to get some done together.

12.Go kayaking.

13.Go to a nursing home and hand out a flower to the elderly.

14.Have dinner at a new place each time.

15.Go Hiking and rock climbing.

16.Vist an apple orchard and pick apples and take hot cider.

17.Cold snowy day go to a park and build a snowman or igloo followed by hot chocolate at starbucks.If you are near slopes go skiing.

18.Be a tourist in your own city and explore the little gift shops.

19.Make your own fondue

20.Make a fun treasure hunt for you partner and have a surprise at the end.

Geting to know you

On your date night, use the following two lists to take a “crash course” in your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend. Each person can ask two questions from each list:

Getting To Know Where You’ve Been
Who was your closest childhood friend?
What was your favorite adventure or act of mischief?
Who was your favorite teacher and why?
Who was your worst teacher and why?
What is one of your saddest memories?
What is one of your happiest memories?
What was your favorite holiday? Explain.
Who was your most loved pet and what did you love about that pet?
Where were the most exciting places you’ve been to and what was so wonderful about them?

Getting to Know Where You Are Today
What was your high and low of the day?
What are your dreams and wishes?
Name three qualities you like the most about you.
What is sexy?
What is passionate?
Name one thing you’d change about yourself.
You could feel closer to me if I _________.
Describe your perfect day.
Where’s the place you want to visit the most and why?
If you were an animal, you’d be a ________

Favorite way to communicate?

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The number one problem in relationships is communication.We don’t communicate very well,or we argue too much,or we just don’t know how to communicate with each other.Communication is very important and essential for a relationship to work Good communication is an important part of keeping a relationship vibrant and strong. It seems a logical assumption that we might be able to reduce the divorce rate by ensuring that couples had the tools for improving their communication skills.Communication make a relationship strong it lets them know your feelings and prevent arguments,especially between couples,because it avoids all that "you should have known how I felt" sort of mind-reading arguments.You should express your thoughts and feelings so you dont misunderstand each other..

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