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Fun Ways of Meeting Interesting People

Updated on February 28, 2013
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I have suffered through some terrible and hilarious dating and friend experiences, and came away with some advice that I'm happy to share.

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"Woe is me! I can't seem to find anyone I'm willing to spend time with! What am I to do? Where can I meet other fascinating, captivating people such as myself?"

Well, quit your bellyaching and get off the sofa, because it’s possible to meet interesting people anywhere… you just need to open yourself up to it. Here’s where to go to meet people as you cool as you are.

Try playing volleyball in a league, or if you prefer something more casual, set up a pickup game.
Try playing volleyball in a league, or if you prefer something more casual, set up a pickup game. | Source

Community Services / Adult Recreation and Enrichment

  • Lots of neighborhoods have adult enrichment courses (at least you know you have one interest in common). Many communities offer classes in photography, drawing, music, cooking, acting, or learning languages… in addition to more specialized learning like boating, digital art, wine appreciation, or voiceovers/voice acting.
  • Or get physical with recreational activities like karate, archery, or a golf workshop. Try joining a sports league if you enjoy softball, bowling, basketball, or volleyball.
  • Contact your local library! Libraries typically offer reading groups, needlepoint/ knitting/ crocheting groups, historical talks or presentations, and sometimes even movie nights.
  • Join a community theater group and act, assist with costuming, or be a stagehand. I've done this and it was a lot of fun.

Walking the dogs can be lots of fun when you're doing it with other people.
Walking the dogs can be lots of fun when you're doing it with other people. | Source

Consider the Cost

Some of these courses, groups, and events will not be free. If you are under financial constraints, avoid costly activities and begin at the easiest place… the library!


With over 13 million members and 363,000 monthly meetups in 196 countries and growing, on meetup. com the odds are high that you will find someone you’d like to spend more time with. Stay local or branch out a little further. I’ve gone about an hour away from my home and I’ve actually made some cool friends. Bring someone with you if you feel apprehensive about going alone. Remember, the more the merrier in this kind of situation! Sometimes after an activity the group will go out for drinks or a bite to eat, so you could always make a connection there too.


The author, playing bongo drums at a drum circle meetup in 2010
The author, playing bongo drums at a drum circle meetup in 2010 | Source
  • Niche groups like gaming, dancing, or writing. These are some of my favorite things and I have made friends “in real life” through all three groups, but choose your particular favorites.
  • Practical groups like Mommy and Me, sewing, or dog walking.
  • If you like athletics, try a running meetup, hiking, biking, tennis, yoga, or Zumba.
  • Why not try something you’ve always wanted to try, but never did… like drumming, laser tag, or meditation?
  • In the unlikely event that you can’t find a single thing you find appealing, take matters into your own hands and organize your own meetup. So you like train collecting with an emphasis on designing intricate forests? Or maybe you prefer urban spelunking. There are other people with that same interest, and some are bound to be local.


If you are content with friendships that do not require face time in person, look no further than your computer. Write a blog or participate in forums focusing on your favorite topics. Show off your knowledge, hone your writing skills, and make friends in the meantime.

Through Your Existing, Interesting Friends

Don’t overlook your existing friends! If you are feeling that you’d like to add a few to your crew, choose your most thought-provoking or engaging friends and ask them for a li’l help. They can make suggestions or set you up with someone they know who has similar interests.

Alternatively, when someone asks you to a party, don’t blow off the invitation. Take that opportunity to practice your social skills and maybe you’ll hit it off with someone new.

You never know with whom you'll have something in common.
You never know with whom you'll have something in common. | Source

Unusual or Local One-Off Events

  • Galleries and openings. New restaurants, clubs, or art galleries open fairly often, so take advantage of the chance to meet someone fun and interesting there.
  • Competitions or contests. Marathons, photography, bodybuilding, oratorical, and talent contests abound.
  • Store classes. Large craft stores like A.C. Moore or Michael’s and smaller beading stores alike offer classes to learn how to use their products, and sometimes they are even free! Many other types of vendors also offer classes or get-togethers, like book signings or instrument use.
  • Join a foundation or perform charity work. Contact an organization close to your heart and help them out with some of your time.

Things to Remember About Meeting New People

Be the person other people will want to hang out with. In order to be approachable you will have to give off a positive vibe whether in person or online. So,

This guy's breath is going to be fine.
This guy's breath is going to be fine. | Source
  • Share a confident smile when talking to others, and let people finish what they are saying. If you are face to face, leave enough personal space between you and them.
  • Dress nicely. Wearing unkempt clothing and looking like you just woke up might be ok for college kids, but in the real world that is just not acceptable.
  • Smell good. You do not have to wear cologne, but do shower and brush your teeth. Close talkers are bad enough, but close talkers with rancid breath take being uncomfortable to a whole new level.
  • Once you hit it off with those interesting people, you will probably want to spend some time with them doing things you both enjoy. So set up a friend date and go somewhere fun.


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