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Fun memories with BFFs

Updated on August 18, 2017
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Freelance Writer and blogger "This is no art, we all can taste life as it is, once we stop judging and start accepting."

The feeling of being in love and being loved is amazing. It is not only our blood ties that can give us the sense of attachment and belongingness. Love and trust among individuals are key ingredients of a great family. I have been blessed by a great family by birth and by marriage. This post is dedicated to another amazing family, which I have been a part of for a long time is - my BFFs.

After college, I had the chance to live in various cities for education and job. During this journey, I got the chance to know some very special people of my life.

These friends became an important part of my growth as a human being. They witnessed my laughter, joys, tears and weird moods swings and still always found a reason to stay by my side. The love that I have received from them is very similar to the love from my blood family. I still find a way to cherish those memories by talking about those times or by writing about it.


I have been a great fan of a TV series known as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (lol...who isn't) and I used to imagine if that kind of bond can actually exist in real world. Trust me when I say that I became a fan of my friends.

They can get all weird and childish but can be mature enough to understand what is going on inside each other's mind.

Attending classes together, discussing our tiniest problems together with utter seriousness as if it is related to country’s GDP, staying up late to gossip about the love affairs. Late night Tea and Maggie sessions were as important as parliamentary meetings, early morning fight for bathroom, nursing our sick roommates, fighting like siblings...caring like parents, spontaneous weekends plans or night out plans, birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrations, break up parties, hook up parties, festivals… All this is a glimpse of the fun that is unforgettable and makes me nostalgic.

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There had been rough times in everyone's life but we were always there for each other. Sometimes misunderstandings clouded our judgement but the fact that we care for each other helped us to get over them.

Life can have its ups and downs but I can always trust my family to be by my side and I consider my dearest friends as a part of my one big happy family.

We are related by heart if not by blood.

Miss you all...

© 2014 Sonal


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