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Games people play

Updated on November 14, 2014

Game on…

If dating were a sport... I love sports, but at my age, playing and or participating, is something I no longer care to do. This is why I have been so hesitant to enter the dating ‘game.’ I am highly competitive, I hate to lose, and if I am going to play a ‘game,’ I need and want to know all the rules and regulations beforehand, before I decide if I want to play or participate. More importantly, most sports are team sports; therefore, I like to know something more about my teammates than just their name and numbers. Knowing what position a person plays, their role, and what is expected, is key as to whether you will meet with a win or a loss.

I like to know the people I may be playing with, on, and off the field/court, before I decide if I am willing to get hurt or injured as a result of playing-I need to know I can trust them to have my back. Once I decide if I am going to play and or participate however, I am in it to win it. I am not looking to be benched or sidelined, I want to and expect to be first string in whatever game I am playing or participating in. I will put in the work, and am not afraid of laying it all out there, so long as I feel it is worth it. If playing just to play is the mentality of those playing the game, then I see no point in playing-I play to win.

I may be old and out of shape, but I have heart, and if I am going to play, I am not looking to go out there and have my butt handed to me. As with any sport, there is always the risk of an injury and or loss, I just don’t like to lose and I most definitely am not looking to get hurt. If I am going to put myself at risk for a game then I at least want to know that my teammates are in it with the hope and expectation that they are playing to win, just as much as I am. If playing a game, any game, is just a form of exercise, or a way to pass the time, then perhaps you should look into a gym membership, rather than joining or playing in a team sport. For not everyone playing the game feels the same way-some of us are actually interested in, and looking to win. Doesn’t seem fair to lead your teammates to believe you are playing to win, when all you are really looking for is a ‘pick up’ game, or a way to get some exercise.

Oh, I know people say winning isn’t everything, and that may be true, when you’re 3 or 4 years old, playing in the pee wee leagues. Once you are in the big leagues though, and you are as highly competivetive as I am, anything less than a W is unacceptable. I am a diehard sports fan, a true ‘fan-addict,’ and I love when my team is playing to win. If I am watching a game and my team is not doing so well, I still cheer them on and remain a loyal fan, regardless if they win or lose. However, if I am playing or participating in it, that is a different thing entirely. Just be forewarned, if I am playing and the other team is showing unsportsmanlike conduct, I am coming full force, with everything I got. I may be 0-1 right now, but I don’t intend to go winless. I am not looking to get a trophy for participation; I’m looking for that championship ring.


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