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Gay Marriage; Good for Divorce Lawyers

Updated on July 8, 2017


Marriage, originally, was not
about love.

It was about Bloodline. It was
about perpetuating a Tribe.

One selected their spouse(s)
or they were selected, based
on specific criterion.

Having children who carried one's genetic material was the purpose of marriage.

If a woman could not bear children, another woman who could, would replace her. In some cases, joined her, as in many societies a man could have more than one wife.

In other times and places, marriage was a way to merge factions, so the King of X
could marry the Queen of Y and their children unifed the domain.

Marriage was created for ethnic/religious/social purposes. It was to give the child a
specific person as father.

It was not about love.

The Death of 'Till Death do Ye Part"

In 1912 there were very few divorces. There was something shameful about divorce. Marriage was, in about 95% of cases, until Death ye do Part.

Sure there was adultery, abuse, hatred, but socially, this was Mr & Mrs and one dealt with them as one person in law, (the husband).

In the Western world, problems with this construct led to various laws dealing with 'matrimonial property' and giving women some kind of rights (even limited rights) over their own property.

These laws are not as protective as those in other contracts. And are more difficult to establish. Many people will learn this as over 1/2 of all marriages in the Western
world end in divorce.

Many acrimonious.

Enter The Divorce Lawyer

One hundred years ago, the same lawyers who drafted Wills and bought and sold property, would do a stray divorce during their career.

Then, came the rise of one of the most lucrative realms of law; that is,
the Divorce Lawyer.

Divorce is so common today that taking any family, (for example, the Queen of England) we have her uncle, who married a divorced woman. Her sister, who was divorced. Only one of her four children has not been divorced (yet).

And that is one family.

Today, the likelihood of the marriage celebrated yesterday lasting until death, (unless one of the parties dies within the next five years) is about 35%.

The number of people living together in 'common law' unions has increased dramatically.

'Shacking up' is no longer a secret, nor 'shameful', whether you look at Hollywood or the President of France, or at your neighbours.

So Why?

Why are Common Law Marriages
So Popular?

Some people have been married
and aren't going through that
circus again.

Divorce is messy, painful, and
often leaves deep emotional scars.

There are arguments over the dog,
the car, who gets what when.

There are battles over whether this is part of 'family property' or belongs to one of the spouses; on and on.

There are issues concerning just about everything, making the process of being Divorced long and tedious and acrimonious.

Being able to pack up and walk away without involving lawyers and courts and a
battalion of functionaries makes 'shacking up' desirable, save and except that the same property arguments exist once one is the 'common law spouse' and there is property to divide.

Others never marry, or marry once and swear off.
They never get into a common law relationships as they want independence, they want to control their own property.

Many never want to find themselves 'trapped' in legal quicksand.

There are is an increasing number of people who create their own 'contracts' so that at parting, everything is already worked out.

There is no need for argument or for any third party to step in.

Divorce lawyers have been pro active in creating per-nuptial agreements. With less people getting married there are less divorces. Lawyers have to make up the short fall somehow. So the pre-nup is another money spinner.

And then, as a gift from their Fairy God Mother, comes Gay Marriage.


On the face of it, Gay marriage is ridiculous. As previously discussed, the foundation of Marriage, is the bloodline. Who is related to whom, for the purpose of inheritance.

As homosexuals can not reproduce, it doesn't matter who lives with whom for how
long, There will be no children, there will be no bloodline.

Wanting a piece of paper which creates imperfect legal rights of the union only benefits divorce lawyers, for the majority of Gay Marriages will end in divorce.

The 'rights' homosexuals claim to desire would be better protected by a contract than a marriage certificate. And this should be evident to every Gay person as it is to straights.

Why should any Gay Couple want to enter a standard marriage contract which would not protect their rights as would a standard 'personal service' contract?

These contracts are drawn up between managers and celebrities; be they in sports or the theatre. They are drawn up between managers and their personal assistants. In fact they are drawn up whenever a person requires a specific other person to perform particular tasks they do not want delegated.

These contracts are actionable, contain termination provisions, as well as whatever specific acts are required. They are legal, and if necessary, can be adjucated simply and easily.

If I hire you to train my horse, I can specify I want you, and you alone, not
an associate, train my horse.

Your severance package must be clear and the reasons for termination permitted.
You can demand certain benefits, health, vacation, sick days, etc.

Once that contract is signed, our relationship is guided by those rules.

Look at Meeeee!!!!

The reason so many Gays want Gay Marriage is to annoy the hell out of straight people. They want attention as they have an innate need to make normal people uncomfortable.

It has nothing to do with love, with protection, with relationships, for everything that is needed can be done without using the word marriage. In fact, more protection is guaranteed between two people who enter into a personal services contract than in any marriage as explained in the paragraph above.

In the 1950s, people so deep
in the closet they were behind
grandma's bedspread, formed
contracts which were so
powerful no one could break them.

The 'loyal' man or maid servant
who gained the estate was never
seen as the lover of the deceased.

He or She was never attacked, never had to defend anything. That the relationship was not the Lord of the Manor and his trusty Butler, but lovers, was no one's business.

This is the way it should be, keeping one's sex life private.

Today, however, homosexuals need the entire world to know what they are doing, and hopefully, disapprove, so that they can have the near orgasmic joy of knowing that they are annoying people.

Expect wedding planners and those involved in the marriage industry, who have felt glum due to the decline in marriages buying their second Benz next year as the influx of Gays boosts their business. And of course, divorce lawyers are now ordering their Lear jets.


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    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 2 years ago

      There is no other explanation....esp. when civil partnerships protect one's rights much better than marriage.

    • Kathryn L Hill profile image

      Kathryn L Hill 2 years ago from LA

      These hubs are just sparkling with truth and humor!

      "The reason so many Gays want Gay Marriage is to annoy the hell out of straight people. They want attention as they have an innate need to make normal people uncomfortable."

      Just between you and me, I always suspected as much!

    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 5 years ago

      Thankyou Otee.

    • OTEE profile image

      OTEE 5 years ago from India

      Interesting perspective. Made your point w/o being "in-the-face". Very well written.