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Gay Positive Britain

Updated on February 8, 2013

It is rather shocking that English government made such a decision as the country is believed to be much conservative in gay problems. The largest gay community in Great Britain is situated in the capital of the country- London. It took them o0ver 20 years to make this step and finally it’s theirs.

A spokeswoman of the Commons stated that the main reason they are supporting this bill is because it makes more families and family traditions are the most important for the English culture.

A famous internet saying about gay marriages became a world famous joke: What will happen if gay get married?

1 The nuclear war will start

2 Everybody will become gay

3 Gay people will get married and make families

Funny as it may sound many people still think of it this law as something dangerous, people are afraid that their kinds will become gay, because they are allowed to.

Psychologists say that there is nothing to worry about. United Kingdom is not the first country to adopt such law, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Norway and many other countries are proud to marry people now matter what sexuality they have.

Debates are unstoppable. Society is in a London fog covered with numerous pros and cons of the law.

Nevertheless, gay community in Great Britain is still celebrating its victory and although there are no bright demonstration they can be seen everywhere smilling.


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