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Gender Inequality And The Invisible Man

Updated on April 2, 2015

The Invisible Man Explained

Supposed "Male Privilege" Vs Reality: The Future Of A Baby Boy Vs A Baby Girl

Real Gender Equality Would Be A Step Down For Women

I wanted to start this article on gender equality with a simple thought exercise. Imagine for a moment that I reversed the genders on men’s issues, such that men’s issues became women’s issues. Let’s see how it would look.

Women would have next to no reproductive rights. Men would be the sole arbiters as to whether or not women became mothers if sexual intercourse resulted in pregnancy. Men could force women to become mothers and milk them of child support using a family court system heavily biased in their favour.

Only women would be subject to conscription and selective service. Men would not be.

On sinking ships and during an emergency, the call would be "men and children first". Women would be the disposable utilities for society and putting themselves in harms way for men's benefit.

Primary or sole custody of children following divorce, would be mostly awarded to men. Women would be given either no parental rights to see their own children, or limited visitation time that would not be enforced by the courts should the ex-husband fail to comply.

Family courts and divorce would be heavily biased in favour of men and men would initiate the majority of divorces. Women would pay the vast bulk of alimony and child support to their ex-husbands. Women would be imprisoned for failing to pay alimony and child support to their ex-husbands that exceeds their incomes. Legalised slavery to their ex-husbands and debtors prison would be a reality for women.

Motherhood would be mocked in popular culture (mothers would be portrayed as idiots on TV) and fatherhood would be idolised. Fathers would be looked at as the assumed primary parent and mothers as an optional extra.

The majority of the homeless would be women, yet all the politicians and media would talk about is a mythical gender pay gap favouring women that does not exist.

The majority of suicides would be women and the suicide rate for women would be several times that of men. Women would live 4-7 years less than men and suffer considerably more health problems and yet men’s health would receive substantially more funding. There would be men’s hospitals, men’s health programs and exclusive subsidises for men for birth control and cancer treatment, but none for women.

In education the situation would be stark. Men would make up the overwhelming majority of university students and graduates and women would be a considerably smaller student demographic and a shrinking minority on university campuses. Women and girls academic performance would be in sharp decline at every level of education from kindergarten to graduate school. In comparison, men and boys would be excelling at every stage of their education. The education system would have been masculinised by a masculist movement and the education policies and programs, learning curriculum, teaching methods and classroom environment, would be preferentially catered to the needs of boys. Little to no thought would be given to the needs of girls. There would be men’s departments at university, men’s studies programs, men’s affirmative action programs, men's only scholarships, men’s groups and so forth at university, but next to no female equivalents.

There would be government departments and agencies for men, but none for women. The vast bulk of government initiatives, programs, affirmative action quotas and funding would be for men's issues and not for women. Politicians would cater mostly to men's rights lobby groups and remain mostly silent on women's issues.

In the mainstream media and entertainment industry, women bashing would be commonplace (quite literally). Mothers would be portrayed as incompetent idiots, girls would be shown as stupid and immature and femininity would be demonised.

On TED, Intelligence Squared, The Munk Debates and in Time, The Atlantic and other mainstream media outlets, men would be having public debates and promoting books about the “End Of Women” and why the female half of the human race was obsolete.

Women would be given substantially longer and more severe sentences for committing the exact same crimes as men.

Men would send women to jail on false rape or false domestic violence allegations, based on men’s word alone. Men would ruin women’s academic careers through false rape allegations. Star chambers on university campuses would find women guilty without due process, or the involvement of actual law enforcement. Women would also be made to sit “he fears you” lectures on some campuses.

Female genital mutilation would be normalised and male genital mutilation or "male circumcision" would be outlawed.

There would be a Violence Against Men Act or VAMA, but little to no public acknowledgement of domestic violence against women.

Female perpetrated physical assault would actually be taken seriously, but male perpetrated physical assault would be dismissed and trivialised by our courts and our culture.

Masculists would talk about female perpetrated rape culture and demonise female sexuality. Male rapists would be ignored, escape prison time, be given a slap on the wrist, or their episode of coerced sex would be explained away as a casual fling, or excused because he was 'depressed'.

Women would be looked at suspiciously around children and male pedophiles would get a slap on the wrist or be excused. The rape of girls by adult men would be considered an 'affair', or dismissed as girls getting ‘lucky’ with having their fantasies come true.

Boys would wear shirts saying, “Girls Are Stupid Throw Rocks At Them”.

We would have TV panels like the View, laughing about a woman getting her clitoris and breasts chopped off by her husband, after she asked for a divorce.

The mainstream media and politicians would voice outrage at the kidnapping of school boys in Boko Haram, but remain completely silent about school girls getting shot or burned to death in the villages.

We would have a masculist movement making sweeping generalisations that the world is a matriarchy, that all women are privileged and that all women are oppressing men. Yet men would be the voting majority and spend most of the household income. Women would be expected to work 50 plus hours a week and be a walking ATM for their husband. Women would make up the majority of CEOs and politicians, but also the majority of workers in hazardous and low paying jobs.

Imagine for a moment that a fledgling women’s movement had started to gain traction and a social phenomenon called women going their own way was emerging. Imagine that the masculist movement attempted to disrupt their events, block doors, harass these women, send them death threats and bomb threats and made attempts to shame, demonise and do hit pieces on women’s groups in the mainstream media.

I could go on further if you like, but I think you get my point. Imagine the outrage if even a fraction of that were true today and it was women and not men facing these issues in Western society. Feminists would not stop their scream fest and we probably would go all deaf from it. Yet if we reverse the genders and suddenly it is men facing these issues, which is the reality by the way, no one cares. No one does anything, because suddenly when men face discrimination it no longer matters. Men are invisible. Men’s well-being and humanity is not valued. Men are only valued as utilities by society. Men are cast as human doings and not as human beings.

Men’s issues exist because men’s humanity and their vulnerabilities are not recognised by society or the culture. They are not recognised because of gynocentrism. I described what gynocentrism is and how it manifests itself, in my article linked here. Until we recognise men as full human beings and show compassion for their vulnerabilities, then we cannot truly talk about gender equality. It would be like a blind person trying to describe the colour of a painting.

So what is equality? For me, equality means that the value of every human life for every man and woman is equal. Everyone’s well-being, rights and dignity is therefore equal and should be treated equally. I believe in equality of human life and by extension equality before the law and equal of opportunity. Human beings are different and those differences are things that we should celebrate. These differences are not things which we should frame within some twisted notion of gender or racial superiority. As I believe in equality of opportunity and human dignity, I believe in respecting people’s freedoms. Therefore I cannot support equality of outcome. Equality of opportunity means having the equal freedom to pursue any endeavour, but also being given equal responsibility, obligations and accountability for those pursuits.

This is where I deviate from feminism. I don’t believe that women should be given the same agency as men, without having the same responsibilities, obligations and accountability that comes with it. I don’t support affirmative action to coerce people and society to conform to someone else’s ideal worldview. People have the right to be free and to be themselves. Failure to recognise that right, is a failure to respect human dignity and consequently a failure to recognise the value of human life. Just because people have different interests and abilities, does not mean that the value of each person's life is not equal. The value of human life just comes in many different forms and each person has a unique value. It is the uniqueness of each human being and their consciousness, which makes human life irreplaceable and gives it equal value. Those are my values and those are my beliefs. I have discussed equality further and the neurological basis behind it, in the middle section of an article I wrote linked here.

What gets in the way of societies quest for equality, is ignorance. In the broadest sense, ignorance is the basis of bigotry and the root of all evil. When ignorance is combined with the power of the state and embedded in dogmatic ideologies like feminism which amplify such ignorance, then we get great evil. The kind of evil that can lead to genocide.

If humans become extinct, then it will be human ignorance in the form of ideologies like feminism that will cause it. Challenging human ignorance, encouraging rational thought and learning from our mistakes, is our best course of action to save our species.

The men’s human right’s movement is about challenging the human ignorance that arises from gynocentrism and men going their own way or MGTOW, is a male survival strategy for it. That is what people need to know about the men's human rights movement and the social phenomenon of men going their own way, first and foremost.

An Account Of One Man Going His Own Way And The Life Experience Of Men In Modernity


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  • MasculistFeminist profile image

    Ryan 3 years ago from Australia

    EmilyZeinert-I just had a look at your Hubs, they were fantastic and very informative! Thank you for your support of men and boys and speaking out on feminist double standards.

  • emilyzeinert profile image

    Emily Zeinert 3 years ago from Central Coast, NSW, Australia

    I think you and I would get along very well, MasculistFeminist. I have written many articles similar to yours and I am with your views 110%

  • MasculistFeminist profile image

    Ryan 3 years ago from Australia

    Dashing Scorpio-Thank you for that insightful comment. I think you would definitely find my article on domestic violence very interesting. The end result of our legal system and culture not holding women accountable for their actions, will be men walking away from women and relationships entirely. No one will want to be with them, including other women. A society with a culture and legal system that promotes double standards, has a finite lifespan before it implodes in on itself.

  • MasculistFeminist profile image

    Ryan 3 years ago from Australia

    Emmyboy-Your welcome. Human ignorance does lead to nowhere except total destruction. I am afraid from looking at history, it seems to take an imminent calamity before people wake up and start paying attention to problems and issues they have been ignoring. Neglecting men and boys and their welfare, will eventually result in the social and economic breakdown of our countries. In the West society is already on the decline as a result of fatherlessness and the boy crisis in education.

  • Emmyboy profile image

    Emmyboy 3 years ago from Nigeria

    Thanks for sharing this. I like your viewpoints.

    Keep with your fight of challenging human ignorance because if the truth must be told, it is leading us to nowhere in the end.

  • dashingscorpio profile image

    dashingscorpio 3 years ago

    Voted up and interesting!

    There are lots of things society tends to ignore when it comes to the humanity of men as feeling emotional beings. Right now there is a hot debate over men hitting women after women hit them!

    As a society we say men should NEVER hit women. However there are women who say they are "justified" in hitting men who insult, annoy, or offend them. Naturally they're shocked if the man hits them back!

    In our society if a woman hits a man it's "comedy" and if a man hits a woman it's a "tragedy". There is a reluctance to say;

    "Women should not be given a (Free Pass) to hit men because of their gender!" Treat people the way you want to be treated.

    Double standards of any kind prevent gender equality!