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Gender equality: A Wrong Approach towards Good Interest.

Updated on August 9, 2016

Gender Balance in Today's World:

The East is Male dominant, while the west is female dominated territory but there are certain areas within these territories where the terms are reversed. In today's world, the definition of gender equality implies no discrimination or ill treating or being considered different based on gender. Where there were many cases of sex discrimination and even domestic violence because of one gender's higher status, the severity of such incidents was a long time ago, today the newer generation and in most countries, the legal counsel is always supportive towards the abused victims. Today's concern towards gender quality is more interested in minor complexities of being considered less than the other gender. Being doubted in their work for belonging to a certain gender or higher appreciation towards the opposite sex.

Women: Always Considered the Lesser Gender

In the sex war, women has always been on the losing side even if they lost by a fraction. Its the centuries old concept in the minds of humans that women are a weaker being and simply lesser than the "mighty" man. But its also the fragile ego of the man, who can not bear sudden change from being the ruler to being challenged. Thus the women are exasperatingly trying to prove them wrong, trying to be better, to beat men in their own fields, even to dress like them to become equal to their standards. There are many women who have achieved honor and fame purely on the basis of their skills and are stomping on the map of the world.

Are Genders Suppose to be Equal?

With many people discussing the topic and even protesting and demanding the concept of gender equity, Is it entirely wise to become equal? Is it not a fact that the genders differ from one another exceedingly? There must be a reason to classify humans into gender, and there most certainly is. Man and woman are different and have different demands and requirement from one another. A man can never birth a child, similarly if a robber invades your home no man will push any woman to fight him.

If a woman takes off her shirt in public, the response would never be the same if a man did it.
A working woman will require extra leave days if she was pregnant and went through labor. Her hormonal imbalance after child birth may affect her decision making capabilities. This is not weakness, its just her needs as a Woman.

i do not imply that old times were better when women weren't allowed to vote and showing affection towards own children and wife was considered fragile. But all these horrors do not fall under inequality but rather falls in the category of Injustice. Man and Woman have their own distinct capabilities and instead of trying to reach to either level, why not just respect each others' opinions and let them fulfill their destiny as the gender assigned to them by God. There is no need for woman to become cold/ heartless to show she is serious or men to constantly agreeing to the opinions of woman to show affection. Own your sex and combine forces to achieve justice rather than equality.

Be Distinct.
Be Distinct.


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