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Gender Equality or Human Equality

Updated on September 25, 2017

If a girl is 5ft 8" she is tall enough but a guy needs to be 6ft to look that tall, that is not equal. I wear all the makeup to look good while my brother would only do his hairs and dress up well, that is not equal. But we all know that feeling to look good while going out. And all humans knows that feeling, and this makes us equal. We just have different approaches to get what we want in the ways most suitable to us. We all know how it feels when we want it and THAT makes us equal beings!

Gender Equality

So what is the difference between men and women? Are they equal by who they are or equal by what they are? While explaining some very big issues of our society we mostly forget to actually understand how the nature is involved introducing those issues. When it comes to feminism no doubt that due to reasons the violence against women is pretty more than violence against men, but that do not conclude that men suffers less than women. The sources though different yet we know the lesser male population of the world is an indication that men do suffer. The problem is how we highlight the issues. Men and women can’t be equal if you actually go for an equation on their nature. The natural part and peculiarities that are given to women, the likes and dislikes are different than that of a man and we all know it. If not so then why would we name them differently? Calling one man and other woman is the answer that they are not equal. If she loves pink and he likes grey thus grey and pink ain’t the same. But, they are both human beings and that is where they are equal. They belong to the same specie with the same characteristics that is why they are equal. This is the approach required to actually remove the difference rather than paving a way to even more hatred and difference.

When we try to equate men and women the problem is that we actually try to create even more differences. “Oh a woman is a mother and she deserves more respect”, “She is so sensitive so she must be taken care of”, “she is stronger than a man”. No doubt that she does and everyone does deserve respect but trying to evaluate the respect on differences might not help the societies or the men of your society to understand rather you are just telling them that she is different and you might never understand her, so you must respect her. This is the main approach that might make the idea of feminism or women’s right quite repellent to many people. Not to forget to mention many might use the preferences to actually discriminate.

I believe that discrimination is simply racism. If I was a man I would be exactly how men are so how do I hold the right to hate men because they are not like women? Or if a female has some powers of being a mother or other then that is not what have been given to her by her husband or any other man. That is what nature has bestowed upon her. If a woman was born a man she wouldn’t be a mother. This means that all that a man is or a woman is, is natural.

Now the question raises how to avoid all the discrimination or violence or if any of the party does more than other then they do need respect and care. This is simple if a woman bears pain, any human on earth does know what is pain, and hence should be good towards her because she is a human in pain. Similarly if somewhere a man has to strive more than a woman does, he should be understood rather than called to be “that is what he’s born for” or “he should be strong enough to bear it off” similar are the saying for women. We mostly categorize people around, and this is so natural. This is just the human brain’s obsession with patterns that make us stereotypes or prejudice on physical reasons. But we have to follow the real reasons and perceive the real patterns. How a person feels and what a person is going through should be the line to conclude on. And if we start understanding we would just find differences on the intensities of feelings or trait another human has. We won’t find anyone who has feelings that you have never ever felt or known in your life. May be you have little less or more control or maybe your life conditions, position etc is different and that makes you a different person but not a different specie.

In many man dominated areas the victim is always a woman in case of domestic violence or the subject to all the rules and regulations. But I disagree that all this is because He is a man so he is disrespectful. Instead I believe it’s the values we grow our kids in and they adapt to, just like we adapted to our cultures, that make the men dominate and women to accept the dominance. The other reason is the ultimate natural reason which is power. It is the lust of power that makes men in such cases or women in other, that makes them unreasonable and we all know that even this is so natural and not the fault of how you are born(as woman or man). By nature men are physically stronger and we all know that. And since we know human and we know history, power has always been used not very nicely. Thus you see it is not about what gender you are instead it is what you are. Because gender is natural and blaming on someone’s natural instinct is simply racism. Thus next time when you judge a man, ask yourself if he was a woman and done the same thing how would have you judged it. Then ask if you were a man with the same nature he has and grown in the same society you live, wouldn’t you be almost like him, Or when you were to judge a woman ask yourself the same questions.

The other major problem that prevails is that men are mostly characterized as human beings while women as WOMEN. If a man does something it is because this person did it and when women makes a mistake or do something to be appreciated, that definitely is because women are always up to making such mistakes or do things the right way, and sometimes the same happens while judging men. When they commit a mistake or a good job they are said to be conducted by a man because he is a man, rather than a person. I have observed that while categorizing people’s faults or strengths if we generalize both the genders and focus more objectively on what is done rather than by which gender, could help us decrease the social abuse in gender respect.

In short we deserve respect because we are human beings. If we are in need or in pain or in love the object is our feelings not our gender or the way we are born. And that is how we can say that all human beings are equal. We cannot change a human being’s nature nor do we hold the right to categorize a human on the basis of the natural way he/she is born. All we have to do is to make societies that hold better values and rational believes about humanity to make the world a better place to live.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Momina Arif 

      5 years ago from Pakistan

      I believe it's simply being human! everyone have their own interests to fulfill thus would follow what they think is right (being a male or female) and they might follow the pattern that has already been drawn in the society clause to be followed or they would try to blame the one they are able to blame or can blame. There are many other aspects of the nature that is given to men and women by nature that advocates what eventually would a woman behave in certain circumstances and how a man would react.

      yes a woman might be seen as weaker sex in many societies and it has reasons but all I want is that what if we instead of saying 'weaker sex' or 'woman' we say it out as 'human with certain roles and certain weaknesses'

      My point is merely on how can we actually eliminate that psychological differences that we have build in our heads. If we start introducing characters not as genders or else but traits that they possess, it can take a while, but i believe that's how we would find a way to eliminate the stereotypes and categorizing on bases of sex, or race or any other reason.

      i believe that the traits we are given at our birth shouldn't be the criteria to judge rather the role is important. If a man was born a woman, he would be just as a woman is and if the woman was born a man, she would have been the same as a man. Thus if one don't have the control on what gender they should have or what nature they would have then we don't have the right to judge people on this.

      i have seen many women and men whose natural aptitude have been compromised many times just because they are prescribed the roles they have to carry on the basis on their gender. Thus creativity, talent and a better society is compromised just because we are engaged in stereotyping humans on how they are born and not what they are born to do.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      5 years ago from Chicago

      Voted up and interesting!

      In many respects it's impossible to be "different" and yet "equal". However the key is not to discriminate against anyone simply because they are different. And yet most of our "double standards" are rooted along gender differences.

      What if women didn't care what men thought and didn't put each other down? That would make them equal to the male stance on this issue.

      The term "gentleman" harkens back to a day of

      If a man make an offensive remark a lot of people believe a woman is within her right to slap him. On the other hand if the woman makes a remark the rule of thumb is a man should NEVER hit a woman if she is hitting him!

      If a man gets a woman pregnant and wants to be a father the woman has right to choose to terminate the pregnancy. If a man does not want to be a father the woman can elect to have the child anyway and collect child support from him for that child.

      It is also nearly impossible for a father to win primary custody of children in a divorce.

      Lastly there is the sexual promiscuity so called double standard. Many people are fond of saying "society" says it's okay for (man) to have many sex partners.

      However I've never know any {woman} who thought that was "cool". If fact most women would try to (avoid) getting involved with a man they knew slept around a lot! Some women call these men "dogs", "pigs"m "no good", "a-holes" and so on. That doesn't sound like an endorsement from "society"

      Women hate "players" and they hate women who are seen as "easy" too! They're afraid such women destroy traditional courtship, causes men to treat all women a certain way, and they don't these women around their men. Therefore believe it or not many women want to shame other women! A lot of women also care what (men) think about them.

      While men may put down women for sleeping around they don't put down other men down or feel threatened by them. Men also don't care what women think of them when it comes to sexual promiscuity.

      Suppose women didn't care what men thought of them and they decided to stop putting other women down for being promiscuous, they would be equal to men on this issue.

      The definition of the word "gentleman" harkens back to the days of "chivalrous behavior" which is rooted in sexism where women are seen as the "weaker sex" who should be looked after and protected like (children) as opposed to be treated equally as men.


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