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Get wedding cake ideas from your wedding blog

Updated on February 3, 2012

Wedding Blog

Get unique wedding cake ideas from a wedding blog
Get unique wedding cake ideas from a wedding blog | Source

Wedding Planner

Wedding times are the most memorable moments in everyone’s life. Wedding brings in excitement and fun. Along with excitement comes responsibility too. You need to book the right venue, order wedding invitations, purchase wedding bands and accessories and hire catering agency etc. One important aspect of a wedding is the wedding cake. A wedding cake is the most important part of a wedding reception. It symbolizes a new union. Wedding cakes can be created in several flavors, colors and shapes. If you want to check out different wedding cake ideas, go to any wedding blog and check out these details.

While any wedding cake can be ordered, choosing one which resembles your personality and style is recommended. Wedding cakes are available in different shapes like square, oval, round, rectangle etc. The shape of a wedding cake depicts your personality. If you like traditional items, go for a round shaped wedding cake. Round shaped cakes allow you to create different flavors. You can add flowered designs on the top to add elegance. If you want to add a message or a phrase on the cake, choose a square or a rectangular shaped cake. With a square or a rectangle cake, it is good to make the top portion plain. For more ideas on wedding quotes on the cake, visit a good wedding blog.

While round and square shaped cakes are very popular, hexagonal shaped cakes are becoming popular too, in recent times. The advantage with a hexagonal cake is that it doesn’t need any special decoration. However, you can add pearls to the edges of the cake. Make sure to choose a good color to match the ambiance of the reception hall. Another fancy model which is becoming popular is the tipsy topsy model. This model allows you to create crazy designs. You can add a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can even mix different colors of your choice. However, while choosing this model, consider the place and style of the wedding ceremony. As this model reflects craziness, it does not suit traditional places. Check out different photos on a wedding blog and choose a good shape.

Today, a wedding blog acts as a wedding planner and assists you in every task. Prepare a wedding checklist so that you would not miss out on any important task. Subscribe to a good wedding blog and get updates and tips for a perfect wedding program.


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