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Getting Married When Times Are Tough? Here's How To Save BIG Bucks!

Updated on December 15, 2015
Is this YOU?
Is this YOU?

People Get Married in Good Times & Bad...

Statistics prove that people get married, even when times are tough.

We know that during the recession, the cost of a wedding dropped significantly. However, that number is inching up again to almost $30,000 (on average)--and that's a lot of money to spend on a four- to five-hour party for a wedding/reception.

But there's another factor: The Wedding Report, which analyzes wedding data, states that about 40% of brides spent less than $10,000 on their weddings in 2014 and you, if you're savvy, can do the same!

Find buried treasure in pawnshops!
Find buried treasure in pawnshops!

The Second Largest Wedding Expense...

Did you know that engagement/wedding rings are the second largest expense of a wedding? So how do you buy those rings economically?

Buy your engagement rings and wedding rings at a pawnshop. You can literally find buried treasure at a pawnshop (I never shop anywhere else when it comes to jewelry.)

Shop only for rings that are "out of pawn". Many pawnshops sell new jewelry. That's not where to find the bargains.

Go to pawnshops located on the "nice side of town". Why you can even find them in such places as Beverly Hills and Boca Raton.

What NOT to do!
What NOT to do!

Cut the Guest-List & More...

Cut the guest-list. The more people you invite, the more it costs in terms of wedding invitations, food, liquor, flowers/centerpieces, etc. Invite only your families, closest friends and pertinent business associates.

Keep your bridal party small. If you have six bridesmaids and six groomsmen, including dates and/or spouses, you've added 24 people to your guest-list. If you're only inviting 100 guests, total, that's about 25% of your reception budget.

Which Night, Which Season for Savings?

Hold the wedding and reception on an off-night, in an off-season: Weddings held on Friday or Sunday nights should save you money; be a tough negotiator.

If summer is "hot" wedding season where you live, then get married in the spring or fall. You will $ave money!

Food & Liquor Costs: $ave Money on the Wedding's Largest Expense

A "packaged" sit-down dinner, with everything included from appetizer to cake, with a champagne toast included, is the best value for your dollar.

Buy liquor ONLY "by the head":  A flat-fee is charged for every guest of legal age for a four- or five-hour open bar. Don't be talked into buying liquor "by the open bottle" or "by the drink," even if your families are teetotalers.

NOTE: When liquor is free, people drink! Better to be safe than sorry.

Candles are romantic!
Candles are romantic!

$aving Money on Entertainment and Flowers/Decorations

Hire a great D.J.!

D.J.s are wonderful and affordable. There's no excuse not to have entertainment at a wedding reception when these wonderful, talented vendors abound.

NOTE: A great D.J. is one-hundred times better than a bad band.

* Flowers make weddings beautiful and beautiful flowers make stunning photos/video.

- Put your money in your bridal-party flowers. They will appear forever in your photos/video, which are your memories.

- Make your own non-floral centerpieces. It's easy and can save a ton of money.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Make your own headpiece/veils!
Make your own headpiece/veils!
Make your own headpiece/veils!

The Ultimate Money $aver!

To save hundreds of dollars, make your own headpiece and veil. It's easy and you don't even have to know how to sew.

Go to a crafts' store and buy a "pattern". Follow the directions and make as many veils as you'd like. Buy tulle at the crafts' store also. It's a couple of dollars a yard.

For a headpiece, check out the new "bridal wreaths" which are becoming popular. They are also very easy to make. Let your imagination run wild!

You can do it, bride-to-be!


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