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Getting put on layaway

Updated on September 1, 2013

Most people call it “back pocket friend” or some people say you’ve been put in the friend zone, but if you look at, you have basically been put on layaway. Think about it for a sec, on layaway you make small payment for something that you want, but aren't ready to buy. When someone puts you on layaway it basically means that you are the perfect person to settle down with, but they are not ready to do so. They will text, call, or even mention you on a social site every now and then (this would be the small payments). This is to make sure that they keep them in your thoughts, especially if they feel you are about to move on. Most people (not all) who have been put in the friend zone list don’t realize they have been put on layaway. I mean does this sound familiar, “Oh, you are a really nice guy and all, but I feel that we are better off as friends, because I don’t want to ruin our friendship if we break up”. If that don’t how about this, “You are a great person, but I’m not ready for a relationship”. Here are a few more:

  • “I like you, but I’m not ready for a relationship.”
  • “Sometimes I want to be with you, and then there are other times where I think we should be just friends.”
  • “I never met someone like you before.”
  • “Sometimes I see us as a friend, but I get this vibe “settling down vibe” from you”.

Pick whichever one you want, but chances are they’re putting your relationship with them on hold. This is an ugly and disrespectful thing to do to someone, but it happens and you should know when someone is trying to put you on layaway.

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Friend Zone  
No physical attraction
Possible future
Share a few things in common
Not their type
Not affectionate
No back bone

Friend zone vs Layaway

Even though you have shown time and time again that you care for them, you still get the feeling that they really aren't in to you. Most people get thrown in the friend zone for this. People who get thrown into the friend zone most likely have failed to open up and let them know how the feel about them; but to get put on layaway you have told them how you feel and you know they like you back. Friend zone people are not affectionate; they never invade someone’s personal space. Layaway people are affectionate and they let people know how they feel without over doing it. So it’s not that you're being tossed into the friend zone you’re just been put on layaway (likes that’s any better).



As mentioned above some relationships are like layaway, where you make payments on something that you can’t afford right now, but in this case you don’t want right now. You meet someone who said how much a perfect gentlemen or miss right you are, but they really don’t spend that much time with you. It’s like layaway; you make weekly payments, so every week they might call you to see how you are doing. When they check up on you, they lead you on by flirting and throwing hints that they are ready for a relationship. Another they do is that they try to see if there is someone else in your life right now. By doing this you are thinking about them again, which is what they want. This is a very ugly thing to a person; it’s not nice to play with someone emotions like that.

Qualified for layaway

If this has happened to you more than likely one of these words describes you:

Responsible- This means that you spend your time and money wisely. You get things done when it needs to be; while they spend their money on mindless actives. Basically you will find yourself taking care of them.

Civilized- You are not always on the club scene chasing skirts, or that annoying drunk girl at the bar that has to be thrown out. This means they are not worried about you going out and finding someone who will appreciate you. Honestly, could you trust somebody like this?

Reliable- Any time they are in need you are more than happy to help. You don’t mind giving them your first or your last, even though they probably won't do the same. If this describes you then you are pretty much being used.
If you feel that someone has put you on layaway just know that you deserve much more than that and that you shouldn’t settle for less. You are worth way more than that!

Do you feel as someone has you on layaway

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What do you plan to do about

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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Very creative, and yes, I can identify with being put on layaway. I agree with you that we deserve more. Just wait for the person who loves enough to pay in full. Good job!