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Getting the spice back in your love life

Updated on October 1, 2009

Why do I feel he's not attracted to me anymore?

   This question usually travels from the lips of girlfriends,wives,and intimate partners so i'm here to give you the scoop hopefully making your love life satisfying once again.  You go over many things in your head at the vulnerable state wondering wether it was something you did such as gain weight,cut your hair,act a certain way,not pay enough attention to him and the list goes on. But while for some it can be any of those things,for many it does not even involve one. 

    Have you gotten used to the same routine sexually? If you answered yes then this could be your main problem. After a while of performing a the same sexual acts too many times it can become boring to him where as he's not especting anything different,he has become sexually unsatisfied finding sex with you rather boring. You could ask him about it but being a man,if he's a good man he'll quickly respond that there id no problem,he wants you believing that so that you dont get it in your head he doesnt want you or will cheat in any way.

     Men typically have higher sex drives than women,one night they may want to make love,the next night they may want to just get off without all the hugging n cuddling. But what they want for sure is always something new,something exciting,the thing that first attracted them to you. Do you even remember the first time you and your partner had sex? If you do you're finally realizing what I am trying to say. It was something that you did,said,could've been something that you wore and it made him really hot.

     Try to bring back the good ole days that probably were'nt that long ago,but add something fresh in there. Try to role play a little,I mean if you've got the guts to take it there. You are the sexy slut and he is your paying customer,believe me this actually works. You dont have to roll play that scenerio but it can be fun to do others as well. The stripper routine is also a great play for those who can dance or at least pretend to dance. I mean you want to keep him interested dont you? At the end of the night he will be satisfied along with you,you'll both still have the same feelings toward each other that you've had for quite some time. But now the difference is it'll be like a recreation where he has something to play back in his mind during those blank moments when he's alone,that fact alone will keep him wanting more, and more,and more.

Back to the sexual positions

What positions have you tried? Change it up,maybe he is used to being on top,maybe you are used to being on top either way change it up now. If you are used to being in the bed during intimate moments start standing up,in this position he can be in the front or in the back if you prefer but he'll have better stimulation with more control. Do it on top of a going washing machine,can be easy if you do it right. Bath time sex can be a hassle when trying to keep from falling so get a mat to prevent that slip,the water adds to the excitement.

Have you ever had a orgasm? If not you dont know what you're missing. It feels like the rush that others get from taking a rollercoaster ride or doing something dangerous and when you finally reach your orgasm it feels as though your eyes are going to pop out of your head but you cant even move,you feel like if you move you will pass out on the spot. You cant go your whole life without ever having a orgasm.

Ask him if he would like to try different postions because he may have thought of this many times but didnt know ho to approach you with the subject. Change up your style a little,get some sexy lingerie,maybe yu've watched a movie with him and secretly saw how he made goo goo eyes at the female on the screen in the sexy wear thinking you didnt see he arising boner. And whatever you do, you must make sure to get plenty of condoms if you're not wanting to become pregnant or are not on the pill.

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