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Getting It Together

Updated on October 16, 2015

Living and Learning

This summer was definitely a very interesting one to say the least. I learned so much about myself (some for good and some bad) but I think it was very necessary for my growth. I noticed how sensitive, and how much of a giver I am and that I love/ want to help others to not make the same mistakes that I do. Based upon different situations I experienced this summer I have focused my life on four different pillars in order to add structure and live life for me. The four different pillars I want to live my life on are spiritual, financial, mental (academically), and physical health. We have to learn to remember to live for ourselves first and make sure that we are happy. At first I did not grasp this idea entirely because that can come off as "selfish" but it's all in how you go about conceptualizing this idea. Spiritual health and developing a stronger relationship with God is at the top of my list of priorities because God has revealed so much and done so much for me. I finally realized that I am nothing without him and how he was there for me during my darkest hours (even when nobody else was). My spiritual health is on the rise and after 20 years of living I've finally realized that without my Lord and savior I am nothing. I personally believe that it is healthy to have something to believe in. It will not only help you spiritually but also in all aspects of your life especially to help form morals and values that you live by and that is substantial, especially since we are living in a time where people have lost the idea of respect and value for themselves and others.

Next, financial health is extremely significant (especially the older I get). I'm finally understanding the importance of saving, being independent, and making wise decisions when it comes to what you spend your money on. Investment is power. I want everyone to remember to pay yourself first by saving. So many times I've worked or had money given to me but had nothing to show for it a months time because saving wasn't a priority to me. So what happens on rainy days? Lol. So basically I was screwed. We have to learn to live by our means. We cannot continue to live and splurge trying to keep up with others (who’s also trying to keep up with somebody else) and it's a continual process. Make a financial management scheme for yourself and stick to it! Put your expenses and your income on it so that you can decide how much you are able to save for a given period. But make sure you save whether it is $5-10 every week or whatever amount you are able to put aside, just make sure you are saving and not digging into your savings because then it serves no purpose.

Thirdly, academic and mental health is essential to my growth because I have goals I'm working towards and I know I need to stay focused on obtaining knowledge and learning as much as possible. On top of that, mentally, it is important to maintain clear, positive, and influential thoughts and to stop corrupting our minds with garbage.

Lastly, of these pillars I'm going to touch on physical health, and it is soooooo important for us all, I cannot stress it enough! Becoming informed and learning what we need to do to live as healthy as possible because we only get one body so we have to be careful and take care of ourselves. Exercise daily and protect yourself because one interaction can jeopardize your health for the rest of your life. Don't be naive and be very selective when deciding whom you give your body to. At the end of the day, it's not worth all the unpleasant feelings and other things that are very possible to come with sexual interaction (even when you think something will never happen to you, know that anything is possible... so never say never). Don't believe them when they say you're the only one because 9 times out of 10 you're not and just make sure you are making safe and responsible decisions. (Ugh, lol I can go so long on this topic, but for time and length sake I’m going to talk more about this on its separate blog).

Another thing I've recently decided to do was delete all my social media. I know you're probably thinking, " Why would she do that?" I know social media is over important for our generation according to my peer. But after a lot of thinking and constantly noticing certain habits I've developed from my interaction with these apps I've decided to clear my accounts and just permanently delete these things out of my life. Honestly, I just realized that it's not important to me and that I wanted to occupy my time doing more productive things. I couldn't even explain the purpose of someone watching every moment of my life and I was watching how I was basically becoming dependent with these apps. They became a part of my schedule. I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I would do is check Instagram, snap chat, etc.very meal I ate I had to take a picture for snap lol (like why is that even crossing my mind? Is this really a norm of society?) The countdown to primetime on Instagram was becoming too important and I really had to ask myself, " Why is this so important to me?" People I don't even know or barely talked to trying to keep tabs and watching me and I vice versa. I just began to realize how weird it was and how much of my time it was occupying, and how many more productive things I could be doing in my day.

Last, but not least, I'M IN LONDON! YAY!! Lol. It's so exciting for me! I'm really enjoying myself and expanding my knowledge when it comes to a variety of cultures and operations while being on a whole other continent. For those of you who do not know, I am here studying abroad with IES under the Health Practice and Policy Program where I'm taking a class at Oxford University and also participating in an internship with a local non-profit organization where I'm specifically working on an Obesity campaign. On top of that, the last two weeks of my program I'll be in Kingston, Jamaica continuing my service learning placement at clinics and different facilities based on the information I've been learning in the courses I've taken abroad (social welfare, comparative health, international marketing, and epidemiology). This is literally one of the best experiences of my life and I recommend all to at least travel to another country if you're not able to study abroad because it is something so new and allows you to experience a whole other culture and be in a whole new environment. It has exposed me to so much and I'm only a month and two weeks in.

Also, I went to Amsterdam three weekends ago! It was literally one of the greatest cities I 've been to. It's so beautiful and personally my ideal example of the perfect place to live. It was a small, personable town and everyone was healthy. They utilized bicycles like we use cars in America. Everyone there was beautiful (it looked like models all around me lol). I tried lamb and enjoyed their specialty waffle dessert with ice cream and Nutella (YUM!)

Next up, I'll be traveling to Barcelona and then Paris for Halloween weekend. Stay tuned! Like always I wish everyone the best in all your endeavors and I hope this message helps someone. Thank you for your support and let me know what you think!Remember you are beautiful and God loves you!


Tierra Navia

All Over the World



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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago

      Aaah to be young again! :)

      It sounds like you have your priorities in order.

      Education, career, finances, traveling, and fun while living a balanced life. Ideally during one's youth life is about experiencing, learning, and evolving while developing your own life philosophy. Hopefully without making any serious mistakes such as getting involved with toxic people or unplanned pregnancies which may throw one off course for life!

      Too often many people think they will work hard and when they retire they'll travel and see the world. The reality is no one know how long they will live or what type of health status they will be in at retirement age.

      Imagine going to Paris, France in your late 60s and discovering that in order to get to the top of the Arc de Triomphe you have to clime a 289 steel spiral staircase. There are no elevators! (See as much of the world as you can while you're young.)

      In fact most tourist vacations involve a heavy amount of walking.

      The world may not owe you anything but you owe yourself the world!

    • swalia profile image

      Shaloo Walia 

      2 years ago from India



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