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Gift Ideas for Girlfriends of 1 Year or More

Updated on November 3, 2012
Chocolates are old-fashioned, used only as a "sidekick" gift
Chocolates are old-fashioned, used only as a "sidekick" gift | Source
Me and the love of my life
Me and the love of my life | Source

Choosing the Ideal Gift for your girlfriend is hard!

Nobody told you it was going to be easy. First things first - you have to think about your girlfriend and assess her personality traits. Think about what kind of gesture is she going to value the most.

Throughout this article, I will focus mainly in the three most common types of girlfriends:

The Sensitive Type: The type of girl who loves sensitive gestures, handcrafted gifts, strolls by the moonlight, flowers... the type of girl that loved "My Little Pony" when she was little.

The Practical Type: This is the kind of woman who really enjoys things to be practical, she finds handcrafted gifts a bit cheesy and she isn't going to learn about something that doesn't help her. She loves things that "do something" instead of just looking pretty. The kind that when you get a new job asks - "How much do you get?" - before congratulating you.

The Moderate Type: She is practical in her everyday life, but when it comes to you.. well... she melts! She is like the practical type but with the exception that she loves to feel loved and pampered - even if the gifts don't do much, she counts them for the intention.


Gift Ideas for the Sensitive Type:

The sensitive type is the girl that values your intentions above the present. This can be a good thing because the object itself may be a disappointment, but if you mess up with good intentions she is sure to like it anyway... because she loves you.

However, you have to put lots of intention into the gift. This means you have to put your heart into it, you have to give a piece of yourself along with the gift - metaphorically speaking obviously.

Here are 3 Gift Ideas for this particular type of girlfriend:

  • Memory Scrapbook: Make a scrapbook out of some photos of yours and write captions and little texts with your heart! Narrate your relationship (As this article is dedicated to long-relationships you must have some material by now). Get some inspiration on the scrapbook of the Pixar Movie "Up" or from one of the dozens of templates available online and get to work.
  • Favor Vouchers: Find out which things your girlfriend hates and loves to do and make a little voucher book. Each coupon will have something she loves or hates and she can use them whenever she wants. Had a great dinner with friends? Prepare to take with the "Do the dishes" coupon even though it was her turn to wash up.
  • Birthstone: A sign stone or a birth stone is a good gift. You can offer the stone as a loose stone so she can have some jewelry made the way she likes it or even carry it around to serve as a lucky charm. You can have the jeweler make a nice pendant to keep the stone in.

Summing Up - the importance here is to make sure she understands you think highly of her and of your love. You are a caring guy which, like her, is sensitive. You think she is the best thing that happened to you... make that pop out!


Gift ideas for the Practical Girlfriend

The Practical type doesn't care much about the cheesy lines and void words. She knows you love her, you don't have to be all honey and bees to her. Well, think like her - she wants something she can use or that she likes. Find out what she needs or what are her passions and act accordingly.

This might be a challenge, but here are 3 suggestions for the practical girl:

  • Shoes: There are lots of practical girls that have a passion for shoes. She will love to get some shoes from you, however if you buy them yourself you're going to have a bad time. Instead, get an empty shoe box and place a gift certificate inside - let the expert (your girl) pick them.
  • Electronic Gadgets: These are becoming the jewelry of the new era, and the best thing is that they are usable and practical - just like your girl likes it. Find out what she needs and act accordingly. This might be an expensive option, but her smile is worth that right?
  • Mobile disk Drive: Before you start yelling "Buuuh" hear me out! The new windows OS enable memory from the mobile disk drive to enhance performance and these gadgets are useful and one of those items people need but don't usually buy. Embellish this gift by filling it with the music she likes, your pictures and decorate the cover with something that refers to her passions.

So, find out what she actively needs and cover that need. Do so by finding out original and creative ways to hand out everyday items. It will be worth it.


Gift Ideas for the Moderate Girlfriend

The moderate type girlfriend is not so practical as the practical type and not so sensitive as the sensitive type. She is somewhere in between. There is an easy life-hack you can use on this one to get the gift right every time. What's that? Doing things together. I'll explain mentioning 3 examples:ยด

  • Weekend Getaway: Offer her a weekend getaway with you to somewhere she always wanted to go, she will love it and... let's face it... you will too.
  • Offer her a basket: Full of the best food and a bottle of champagne. Then, take her somewhere nice and have a picnic by the moonlight. Special!
  • Skydiving: Go skydiving with her, ok I admit that this is not for everyone - but you get the deal now. Do stuff together! Be Creative! Be Original!

So, find out things she would like to do and do them together. It will make your bond even stronger and the coast is clear till Christmas, her birthday, valentines day...


A Final Tip:

My final tip is the one you should let sink in and think about:

Stop doubting about yourself: If you are searching for gift ideas you clearly want to make the right choice. The right choice is different for different persons. The best thing you can do is thinking about what the ideal gift for your girlfriend is. Try this: At night take some time to lay there and just think - What are your girlfriend's passions? What does she like to do? What are the things she talks about with the most enthusiasm?

Be confident that nobody knows her like you do and do the right choice. Take the hard road and do this research! It will pay of...

Summing up

Sensitive Type
Moderate Type
Practical Type
Weekend Getaway
Favor Vouchers
Picnic Basket
Electronic Gadgets
Memories Scrapbook
Mobile Disk Device

5 Bad Gift Ideas

Let's see where we stand:

What kind of girlfriend do you have?

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