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Gift Your Woman Only The Best This Karva Chauth

Updated on October 28, 2015

The most important factor in a successful marriage is not your finances, your success in your profession(s), or even the perfection of your lives; it is the love, faith and acceptance between a husband and his wife that constitutes a happy and successful marriage. The Indian tradition recognizes the need of a truly devoted wife to make her marriage - the most sacred relationship of her life - immortal, and manifests itself in various ways, a prominent one of them being the festival of Karva Chauth.


Karva Chauth, a one-day fast celebrated on the fourth day of Krishna Paksh of the Karthik month, is considered to be one of the most important for married couples in North India. Married women dedicate this day to the well being and success of their husbands by fasting the entire length of the day, only to break their fast when they see their husband's face in the moonrise. The husband in turn rewards his wife's earnest effort by gifting her an item, which goes on to carry sentimental value for both of them. The observance of this day and the involvement of making it a success therefore makes the love and faith between husband and wife and their marital bonds go from strength to strength

For the husbands, too, presenting your woman with the appropriate gift is a task that requires much patience and dedication, with the foremost consideration that your gift should really come portray that you love your woman and how dedicated she is to you.

Gift favourite Indian TV Channels to your wife in Australia

And if you're an NRI living all the way in Australia, what better way to reward your wife than to gift her with live Indian TV Channels subscription?

Clearly, none of us are strangers to the fact that for Indians, the culture in Australia is vastly different from that in India as elements of Indian culture are far less. We are also aware of how television is a very important and essential part of life for women, and how Indian women living as NRIs in faraway places like Australia might feel lost and bored owing to the fact that they do not have their free time to spend on television programs of their choice.

Gifting your wife with an Indian TV subscription will help her spend her time tuning into programs of her choice, even though she might be sitting in a different part of the world, while you are away and working in the office. On the other hand, your choice of gift will make it clear to her how much you love and care about her and her happiness.


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