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Gifts that teenage girls love most

Updated on January 22, 2014


Girls love gifts. When confronted with the task of buying a teenage daughter or girl a present, there are a few things you need to consider. How often have you bought someone a gift only to have it rejected no matter how expensive the gift is? The first question you need to ask yourself is “What does a teenage girl like most?” An obvious answer lies in what you see when you look at a teenage girl. Starting with the head, it is clear that teenage girls love their bodies most. So, what would you buy to enhance their physical outlook?

Gifts relating to the hair

Good looking hair must pass through a nice shampoo. This is why a nice bottle of shampoo with hair conditioner is upper most in my options. Choose a rare brand that is classy in scent and packaging to enable her to show off to her friends. She will know how much you care for her looks.

Teenage girls love variety with regard to looks. They want straight hair today and curly hair tomorrow. I would consider purchasing a curling kit for her as another option just to break the monotony brought by straight hair.

A hair dryer is a handy present for someone whose hair often gets wet when it is not convenient to visit the hair dresser.

Scented hair oil makes girls feel good.

You may consider booking her a rare fully paid for appointment with an expensive hair salon in town that she has never visited.

Valentine Girl by BrianHolm- courtesy of freedigitalphotos
Valentine Girl by BrianHolm- courtesy of freedigitalphotos

Body care gifts

Girls love smelling good. An expensive bottle of perfume that can never be found among her friends is an ideal gift to give to your teenage girl. This enhances her outings and social occasions with friends querying to know the kind of scent she is wearing. They love the pedestal of mystery among peers.

A good moisturizer will be much appreciated. You may consider throwing in a nice body lotion to keep her skin smooth and supple.

Someone might opt for an expensive make-up kit and nail polish to produce that exquisite look.

Woman Holding Jewelry Box by imagerymajestic
Woman Holding Jewelry Box by imagerymajestic | Source

Jewelry for all parts of the body

Classy earrings that match dresses in her wardrobe will be highly appreciated. Ensure the earrings are accompanied by suitable trendy sunglasses.

Heart-shaped pendants on thin chains to deck her neck compliments the upper quarters of her attire making her appear mature. An expensive thin classy necklace is a highly appreciated piece of jewelry among teenage girls.

A variety of tiny watches, rings, bangles and matching necklaces should be carefully chosen to enhance outfits for different occasions. The name of the game is “buy to match”.

Blonde Girl Lifting Weights by Ambro
Blonde Girl Lifting Weights by Ambro | Source

Keep fit gifts

Girls are particular about their figures and weight. It would be prudent to consider purchasing her sporting outfit or gear such as a jumping rope, the latest body fitness DVD or gym equipment.

A trendier sporting item would be an exercise bicycle. Some attention-seeking girls appreciate a ticket to a sporting event like a rugby match.

Entertainment gifts

Get to know the girl’s favorite artiste and buy her the latest tracks on DVD. Better still, a ticket to a concert by the artiste would send them wild. A portable Mp3 player or iPod full of their favorite star or diva’s music is a most welcome present. Some girls may appreciate an expensive phone or even trendy tablet.

House items

Many girls love posters or framed giant photos of their stars to decorate their bedroom walls. An occasional teddy bear, though monotonous, may come in handy. A nicely designed alarm clock with love chimes to wake her up is a piece to consider. A large fluffy cushion is a fine teenage gift with lasting memories.


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  • Anjili profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Thanks Eiddwen for such positive remarks. I'm glad you found something useful here. I appreciate your vote. Please come again.

  • Eiddwen profile image


    5 years ago from Wales

    Interesting and very useful Anjili ;voted up and I now look forward to many more by you.



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