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Girlfriend How To Get Your Groove Back

Updated on December 9, 2009

 Yeah, Yeah. Believe me I know thats its far more confortable to sit around in sweats and and old tee shirt. They became our mainstays during pregnancy and just kinda hung around after the "mommy years were over. So  its an easy routine to follow, especially if you work from home as I do.

Before the "mommy years" do you remember the skin tight, slashed everywhere jeans, and the cute barely there tank tops? We left our long loose hair flowing. Our high perky breasts bouncing along high and staring straight ahead. Boy!! Those were the days. Hell even my bras and panties matched then.

Now the "mommy days" are past and we've tried on those same slashed jeans at least 20 times, only to realize that they don't fit or that they don't make us look like the twenty something we were back then. Our two perky breasts now are starting to look down, so we are tortured with the sentence of having to wear underwire bras that LIFT and SEPARATE, and thongs that don't show the effects of "Newtons law of gravity" like the ones that have panty lines. It took my daughter alot of convincing on that one. The thought of having a permanent wedgie did not appeal to me.

I'm not saying older women are not sexy or that we should regress to wearing micro-mini skirts that don't cover your buns, or go half dressed like the twenty somethings that have the body to pull it off. There comes a time and we all know when it is for us that minis and tank tops are passe. The joke is if your breasts hang lower than your hemline, its time to put away the minis.

Today as I was going to try on the "pre-mommy" jeans one more time, I had a thought. Why not try a sexy, "after mommy" look? Think glamorous, not sleazy here. If you aren't sure where to start, Here are a few hints:

1. Go shopping- no leggies or baggies here, think sophisticated, and beautiful. Classic.

2. Try a new hair style- not too wild, but something that says "touch me".

3. Get new make up- leave the bright blues and greens for your daughter. Go for sexy, warm, earthy tones. The only exception to this is bright red lipstick. It's dazzling and never goes out of style.

4.Get out of the house and make new friends- chances are your "pre-mommy" friends have moved on or, are in the "mommy stage" themselves. Find some friends that share your interests.

5. Brush up on your job skills- most of us by this time have a carrer or had one that we put on hold to be "mommy". Taking a few classes, you meet new people and acquire the skills needed in todays marketplace. I have found they have changed alot in the ten years I have been away.

6. Start an exercise program- an aerobic program 3 times aweek sheds pounds, and combined with strength training can make an incredible difference in your appearance and how you look at your body, thus raising your self esteem. Strength training can tighten that underarm flap, lose the belly pooch, and lift your booty. Aerobics tighten your legs, thighs and your booty. I prefer dancing for aerobic and using therabands for strength training the Thera-Bands. They are inexpensive and so portable they can be stashed in a little makeup bag.

7. Now for the biggie "SEX"- If you have been maried for years, you have probally tossed away the sexy lingire for a comfortable over-sized tee-shirt, or the old soft and familiar granny gowns. Please throw these away or donate them to a mommy. This is why your man is so facinated by the Victoria's Secret underwear commercials.

If you are unattached, make a dinner date with someone special, start to date again, at least slowly.... and don't forget safe sex. Your preference in men is your own. Older or younger, be sure to read a few books and brush up on your sexual techniques if needed. If you are uninhibited and confident...GO FOR IT!! Get Your Groove On!!

I threw the mommy clothes to one side and slipped into a clingy, just above my knees sweater dress, shimmery black hose and 5 inch heels to match. I pulled my touseled hair up, leaving just a few strands straying, with my makeup flawlessly applied, I wanted to try my new look. So off I went to the grocery store.

I passed a group of city workers. The catcalls, and their gaze on my back felt great. I smiled and kept walking. I had finally discovered the part of me I had forgot about. My identity, my own personal groove.

So my girlfriends, find that woman you left behing, she has been made better with time, like a fine wine waiting to be opened. The one you put aside when you became Mrs. SO and So. Find yourself again. Reclaim your femininity and that wonderful feeling of being a woman.

Every woman has her own personal style and presence...this is your groove.

Girlfriends....Get Your Groove On!!


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    • christalluna1124 profile image

      christalluna1124 7 years ago from Dallas Texas


      Thanks for your comment. Sometimes I need to feel sexy,

      beautiful and special again.Miracle what a few whistles can do.

      warmest regards,


    • Betty Reid profile image

      Betty Reid 7 years ago from Texas

      Sensible advice, funny and well written. I like how you got all dressed up and went to the grocery store!

    • christalluna1124 profile image

      christalluna1124 8 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Thanks Tammy,

      Believe me the walk to the grocery store wasn't a bowl of cherries. Haven't been in five inch heels for awhile but the dash of self esteem felt great.

      Warmest regards,


    • profile image

      Tammy Lochmann 8 years ago

      I laughed out loud at this one. Thanks great story!