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Giving a Friend Another Chance

Updated on April 23, 2012

All friends have their ups and their downs. However there are times when "I'm Sorry," doesen't cut it.

If you have a friend who hurt you once truth is she will hurt you again. If your friend let out a big secret, stole your boyfriend or went after the guy you like she is not a friend. She is your frenemy and will keep hurting you. Just because she said she is sorry doesen't mean she changed.

If you are scared of being alone or miss the good times you had, be brave. It's hard but ask yourself: Do I want this to keep happening? If not make a change. Speak up and cut ties. It is better to be alone and wait for the right friend then be with someone who hurt you over and over again.


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      reeltaulk 5 years ago

      With friends as such there is no need for enemies. These types are bound to repeat repulsive behaviors if you don't nip it in the bud or end whatever ties for good. Life can become short, if you choose to settle, refuse to broaden your horizons as well as open your mind, know and learn how to respect yourself so you can truly without ulterior motives respect others....I can keep going but I'll stop there. Like you said it's best to be alone (which really isn't a bad thing) than allow ANYone to "hurt" you