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God Made Man to Love Woman

Updated on November 13, 2018

Adam and Eve, photo setup from the Bible

Here is a setup from the Bible of Adam and Eve, so, God after making Adam He made Eve so that Adam could make love to Eve when he wanted. As it happens a man is born to love woman, which is the best way to procreate more human beings.
Here is a setup from the Bible of Adam and Eve, so, God after making Adam He made Eve so that Adam could make love to Eve when he wanted. As it happens a man is born to love woman, which is the best way to procreate more human beings.

God life gift, God made man to love woman

Welcome to our article (118), God made man to love woman

I believe that this is the greatest gift that God gave us,

Dear readers, let us talk about love, in this article we are talking about the love feeling that a man feels for a woman and a woman for a man, because these are the feelings that persists within us our entire life. In our life there are two things that are most important, these two things are linked together, when we look for the link within our phycological mind; So, let us look what they are.

One is that we want to know why we are living here on earth, at the same time we want to live for ever if we can, these questions take us to believe that God must exist, because whatever force has made life possible on earth, we could call God, even if this God is not like the God that is described in the Bible, so, God exists because life exists. So, we could say that we are living our lives, in conjunction with God of the universe life force and we are part of it. Now let us talk about that feeling that we want to live forever, which is the beginning of the second most important thing, which is the force of love that we feel within us, and in a way, it gives us the opportunity to live forever through our off springs; this feeling can be described thus.

I believe that God made us men to love woman, because that is the only way for a man to live his life and be satisfied and happy, it gives us also the opportunity to live forever through our off springs. I know this because I am an old man, and this is what I feel within my heart, therefore, I believe that this is the greatest gift that God has given us, because there is nothing more powerful and beautiful that we males feel, than the attraction that a man feels for a woman when he falls in love, and then, dreams of making love to her, that passion of love never leaves us until we have the woman we want. I believe that a woman must feel the same way, when she falls in love and desires a man to make love to her, because it cannot be any other way. So, I believe that this is God's will, and if you don’t believe in God, then it is Mother Nature that has made us this way.

Explaining to our readers our views

Having said that I must explain to our readers, what is happening to our religious site today, here we have been writing religious issues until now. Anyhow, today after a few months of pause, we are coming back to write something in our religious site, where we have been talking about God and our religious beliefs. However, what we are going to write here now, it is not what most of you would expect; because it is about the love of man for a woman, which is so strong, that we believe that God made man to love woman and a woman to love man, therefore, in cannot be any other way. This article we are writing here links with God and religions, because the passion of love we feel within us, is the natural way that we should feel, because it is a God given gift.

Now, because loving a woman is the natural way, and it is contrary to some religious practice, it can be used as a warning message, to the religions that use celibacy as their base for priesthood; you see, this article is saying that what they are doing is not the natural way, therefore, they may easily fail, because the force of nature is too strong to control, we hope they understand the message and change their ways.

Anyhow, today in this article we are not going to talk about religion and the love for God, which we can say it is driven from our inner self spiritual side. Because today we are going to talk about phycological love that man feel for a woman, which again it is driven from our inner self, but it has a link to our physical side, anyhow, they both happen within our minds, whether they are spiritual and link to God spiritual force, or they are more physical and link to the feeling of love that man has for a woman, anyhow, both these phycological feelings come from our deepest self, so, we could say that it is our natural self, therefore, if we believe in God, we should believe that God has made us this way, so, God has made man to love woman.

Anyhow, I believe in God. So, I believe that God made man to love woman, because of what I feel in my heart right now. But what I feel in my heart and what is happening to me through these feeling of love, is not easy to explain, because this is not plain normal love feelings, as you will see as I continue to write.

Now, let me explain. You see, I am an old man now, I have been married and I have three children, well they are not children anymore, because even the youngest is over thirty years old, so, as I said, I am an old man now. But even being old does not stop me to fall in love again, I believe that the reason is that I have no love life today.

Anyhow, I am falling in love again in a stupid way because I am falling in love with a woman that is younger than I am, and she is well above my league, therefore, there is very little chance that I will be able to have her love or hold her in my arms and do those things that people in love do. But even admitting to myself, that the love for this woman might be an impossible love dream, I still cannot stop to love her, because there is this passion within me that drives my thoughts to her; and I cannot stop to love her because, I believe that this love I feel within me is God driven and it is good for my health too, so, let me explain, how I believe these love feelings work?

How do these love feelings work?

I believe that God uses all the natural ways to help us, if we look for God’s ways we will understand some of them. Because I am a believer I want to believe that God is making me fall in love with this beautiful woman, so that I can overcome the physical and mental problems that I am going through these days. This is what I believe, but there could be something else that God wants me to achieve.

Anyhow, I am an old man now, and when you are old everything slows down, and we can get sick easily; in my case I can see many signs that this slowing process is happening in my body, so, I can get sick if I don’t look after myself properly, so, this is where this love business comes in. Anyhow, I believe that love being an accelerator of the body functions, as we can see when young people see the opposite sex, the boys will try to show off immediately, so, it is an accelerator of the body functions otherwise that would not happen, so, love is going to help restore some balance, in my body functions, if I continue to love this woman openly with all my heart.

Now, there is also something else, in my house we have three sick people, so, it is very depressing for me. But the feeling of love for this woman can take my mind away from my troubles. So, while I can think about my sick people and try to do what I can to help them, I can overcome that feeling of despair within me, because there is this love feeling in the air within my mind, which gives me some hope. It is like my body has gone in survival mode, so to speak. You see, when I feel love sick for this woman, the love-sick feeling that I feel within me, replaces the feeling of despair if I had to think about my sick people. I know it is strange, so, I start thinking that I might be going crazy. But then I think, it might be God’s will that I have fallen in love, so that I can survive this hard time in my life, therefore, I continue to think about my love, even when I have love-sick days.

My strange love-sick days

These days I go around, with these strange powerful love-feelings within my mind, but there are no love happenings at all, because this love story takes place only within my mind, the woman that I love does not know about my love feelings for her. So, I am wondering, if I ever have the chance to talk to her and I have enough courage to tell that I love her, what should I say I wonder? So, I start thinking what I could say and what I could do; so, phrases like this come to my mind:

To the most beautiful and wonderful woman that I know and love, I want to say many phrases of love, starting with I love you; I love you with all my heart, I love you with all my mind; I love you more that I can say, because I love you beyond any human understanding. I know that you might think that I am crazy, but I am not, however, I am crazy about you because I love you.

But is this enough to tell her about my love? Or I need to do something else, like sending her flowers, like a bunch of red roses, or a present and what sort of a present, she might accept and understand, what I mean by sending her that?

But then I think, I cannot do that because she does not know about my love for her, so, that will be pointless. But why I must go through these love pains, that seem to me a torment that will never end?

And the answer to that is, because God made man to love woman. So, I turn to God and pray, hoping that God will hear my prayer and in his mercy will help me, and if this love that I have for this woman is according to God’s will, then God will set in motion something that will bring us together. And thus, I pray God with all my heart, my soul and my mind.

Dear readers, I believe that this article is becoming too long, especially because these love-feelings that I am talking about are complex, so, they might make the readers bored, but because I haven’t finished telling you my feelings of this inner love story, I am going to come back to you and continue my love story later; where I will tell you about my concerns about these love feelings. I will call the new article, Passion, Love, Romance, since passion within me is the driving force that never lets me go for a moment; and then, these three words make me think of the person I am in love with.

So, see you soon.



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