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God Has A Husband Just For You!

Updated on May 18, 2010

How To Find A Husband God's Way

God Has A Husband Just For You!

Bishop CD Miller. Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

I have the most miraculous blessing of the 21st Century! I have been with the same man since I was sixteen years old! I married my high school sweetheart and have been married for 37 years! Everyone I know wants to know my secret! Well, it might be "old school" but my mother passed her "HOW TO" secrets to me! I believe her secrets are timeless and can work for you too! You want a marriage and not just a wedding; you want a husband and not just a groom!

My mother had a lousy father and then he abandoned her at 3 years old. The Lord blessed her with two fantastic husbands (she was widowed and remarried.) She raised a great son, my brother! She prayed to have a superb son in law and received that answered prayer as well! Just how did she surround herself with fantastic Godly men after having been abandoned by a looser of a man?

She listened to a lifetime of my grandmother's complaining about "THAT MAN!" She fretted her entire life about his disappearance and his whereabouts! BUT! She knew HOW to pick a good man and HOW TO KEEP HIM! You know, there probably is a real good man around you but you may be missing him! You just don't know what a good man looks like! He could be standing right next to you and you could be missing him! Your future husband is right in your radar screen; you have to point your antenna toward him!

You say, "There are no good men left!" Well, you may be right but you only need ONE! Husband material is right next to you! He has been there all the time! You may be missing him! Your perspective about men may not be in line with godly qualities which make a man not only good for you but GREAT TO YOU! She gave me one simple rule to follow and I believed her every word!

Momma's first, simple and only rule for selecting a husband,,,"Ma'an, marry a man bettah lookin' den ya faddah and who can make more money dan your faddah!" Translated, "Daughter, marry a man who is better looking than your father and who has the potential of making more of a living than your father can provide for you now!" Simply put, "MARRY UP!"

I took her advise and the Lord has allowed me to impart one additional piece of wisdom for marrying a good man. Plan your marriage and not your wedding! Marry a man who not only loves you but cares for you! Putting Momma's tips together with mine maybe a tall order but GOD HAS A HUSBAND FOR YOU! A husband is more than a groom and a wife is more than a bride. Know The Difference!

Here Is What You Can Do and Here Is What To Look For In A Husband Who Might Be Already Sitting A Your Front Door!:

1. You MUST hold on to and pray as well as TRUST these scriptures:

Isaiah 34:16~ Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them.

Proverbs 18:22~ Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.

2. Spend time getting ready to be found! Don't look for a husband!

EXPECT TO BE FOUND!~Don't be caught off guard! Your husband is looking for you and you must be ready to meet his Mother! Ask yourself this question, "Suppose my son brought home a girl like me...would a girl like me be the one for MY SON?"

Spend your time getting prepared to be FOUND by your husband and stop LOOKING for a man! Could your potential husband take you home to his mother the way you are right NOW?

STOP Looking for a husband AND Pray to be sought and found!

Keep fresh, anointed and appointed to be found; don't be so quick to throw yourself on the first man you think is your husband!

Learn to COOK, while you are waiting to be found!

"What are YOU DOING for love lately?"

Ruth 3:3~ Wash thyself therefore, and anoint thee, and put thy raiment upon thee, and get thee down to the floor: but make not thyself known unto the man, until he shall have done eating and drinking.

Wait for God's Best Choice...marriage is designed for a life time; the wedding is over by the nightfall. Expect the BEST and be prepared to wait for the Lord's Most Select, ELECT Husband Just For You!

3. Observe closely the men who are already around your daily routine of work, recreation, family, church and community.

Your husband might already be in your radar screen. Now turn your antenna around and zero in on new criteria for a husband and perceive these qualifying signs:

~ He's fashionable not trendy. He might wear laced up shoes and not fashionable gent slip on or soft shoes. He shoes are clean and a plus if shined.

~ He gets a haircut every week and is clean shaven.

~ He has his shirts starched and pressed as well as he has a crease in his pants.

~ He reads the newspaper.

~ He has an insurance policy.

~ He has a savings account.

~ He is thinking about his next job and talks to you about it you.

~ He has one or two good male friends.

~ He has had the same car for five years or more.

~ He wears a handkerchief in his suit pocket.

~ He celebrates Holidays.

~ He remembers your birthday, even your first date or first seeing you.

~ He calls his Mother and Father. He calls his siblings.

~ He calls you throughout the day.

~ He will receive your call at work and does return phone calls.

~ He asks about your family.

~ He likes the way you look, especially when you think you look awful!

~ He wants to take a picture with you.

~ He wants to introduce you to his family.

~ He likes to look at houses.

~ He brings you a snack.

~ He goes to the store and asks your requests.

~ He will pay for your dinner if eating out.

~ He calls you during inclimate weather.

~ He encourages you to get rest.

~ He'll run an errand for you.

~ He walk's on your left side, close to your left shoulder.

~ He'll open a car door or office door for you to walk through first.

~ He doesn't smoke and doesn't overeat or drink excessively.

~ He still plays sports or recreation games.

~ He likes to dance even if he can't.

~ He goes to church and has a relationship with the Lord, nonetheless.

~ He might ask for sexual relations a few times and if you say NO, he won't bother you again. He'll play by your rules.

~ He doesn't care if you go out with your girlfriends.

~ He encourages you with his list of "what may be best for you."

~ He seems agitated if other men notice you.

~ He tries to fix your hair slightly if it's out of place or brushes specs from your clothing.

~ He doesn't seem to have any other girlfriends.

~ He doesn't stalk you space to breath.

4. Pay CLOSE Attention to YOUR RESPONSE to candidates around you.

Here's HOW YOU KNOW the right viable candidate might be near you:

You have been saying, "NO" to someone who you AREN'T INTERESTED IN! You are IGNORING someone who is bothering you..."OH NO, Lord, HE'S NOT THE ONE!-NO WAY" is a very good indicator that your husband just might be near you!

You possibly have been saying, "NO!" to God's Choice, just for you!

Well, I took my mother's advice and I am still at it! Now I am often asked, "Bishop what is the secret for staying married?" My reply is simple, "The only way to be married is to stay married!"

I remember going to a premarital counseling session with a gentleman. He wanted to talk about my clergy pastoral care services to marry couples. We decided to meet for dinner. We met in the parking lot and parked side by side. We opened car doors respectively acknowledging each other with, "Hello!" Well, what happened let me see immediately that this gentleman would be a poor choice of a husband for any bride to be.

I was amazed, he walked off from me and advance hurridly to the front door of the restaurant. He didn't wait for me...he just took off and left me to walk alone. There was no rush or line to wait upon, as you might imagine; he just dashed from my side. No regard for me, at all, as I expected to at least chat and walk together from the parking lot to restaurant entrance. Details, Ladies of God, look for the details! Needless to say, you tell me how the marriage ended?!!!

Reach For The Sky and Pray To Receive Heaven's Best Choice Just For You!

Remain blessed,

Bishop CD Miller


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      A great way to let us women know that the one we didn't want is right under our noses. Thaks becausse now I know God has truly sent my Benny!


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