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Woman, The Most Exotic Creation

Updated on November 8, 2010

A Gift for All Ages

This short article is dedicated to my wife, Frances, for her heroic patience with me as I grew up on our journey together over the last forty-four years.

After the heavens and earth were created, God rested a bit. She looked around at all that She had made and saw that it was very good. She gathered around Her all creatures large and small and said to them, "Today I'm going to have some fun! I'm going to distill the essence of all of My creation and make a creature so stunning, so exquisite, so like Me that even the angels will be enraptured by what I've done. And, when I finally make man, it will be fun watching him spend all of his days on earth trying to figure out my masterpiece. The more like Me he becomes, the more he will get it."

So God started to play. She took the gentleness and luscious colors of butterfly wings, the graceful elegance of the gazelle, the majesty of the highest mountain tops, the awesome power and fire of lightening, the wisdom of the ocean depths, the brilliance of stars, the stability of planets, the coolness of waterfalls, the refreshing spirit of a deep mountain lake, the quickness of the cheetah, the sweetness of new honey in the comb, the fragrance of the lily, and the lightness of a feather. Together with these, He threw in a generous dab of His intelligence, sense of humor, love, compassion, and creative power and then set this creature down in the middle of a lush and beautiful garden with the other creatures to await the coming of angels and men.

God said to Himself, "This is so far My most brilliant work, and I'm very pleased. But, when I make man and he sees what I've done, he will be so awestruck, so enamored of this creature that he could well lose his mind and that would set back all of my plans. So I will make him at first with a mind that is totally oblivious to anyone but Me. Slowly, I will withdraw Myself from him and finally give him the gift of knowledge so that he will then be able to see my creation more as I see it. He will still be totally blown away by this creature that I have placed in the garden with him, and it will cause him eons of pleasure and pain, but it will also be the key that will lead him back to Me. I will not give this special creature a name because it can never be so limited, but man in his arrogance will call it after himself, and this will be the beginning of his enlightened fall from grace."

So it was done, and all came to pass as God had designed. She made man, and man called God's most special creation, woman. So began the long journey back, with Woman leading and man chasing but never quite understanding the mind of God.

Copyright 2007-2009 Stephen G. Scalese


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    • profile image

      sgscalese 8 years ago

      I've never known a woman in my life to rest!

      99.9% of the congratulations goes to Fran for putting up with me as I was growing up. Love does conquer all! I've come to recognize the awesomeness of the "sacred feminine." To hint that it is "godlike" is not an exaggeration.

    • itakins profile image

      itakins 8 years ago from Irl

      Congratulations on 43 years of marriage-well done to you both.

      Nice hub-women do like their femininity to be appreciated!

      As for God-remember He rested on the seventh dy-now when did a woman ever rest?-gotcha.