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Good Grief Mondays

Updated on April 7, 2022

Yep, it's Mondays' visit. I wish I didn't know him, and actually, I wish he didn't exist. But, like his usual self he appeared once again on my doorstep. Lastnight, before bed I did everything humanly possible to prepare for the unwanted morning visit. Since Mondays' always around every seven days and I am moody about his visit I couldn't help but prepare ahead a little. The alarm was set an extra half hour early, lunches were ready, gas tank was full, no need to run out of gas on the way to work again escaping Mondays hustle-bustle of traffic or while waiting through the endless line of cars to the pick up window at the drive-thru cafe. Nope! Couldn't have that happen to me again, let me tell you what that's like, "very humiliating!" And so, I also made certain that I set the battery operated alarm, just in case the power went out through the night... believe me when I say, "that has truly happened to me!" And only when Mondays visit arrives. He always brings forth a chain reaction of troubles.Once a month he arrives without any forwarning reminding me that being a woman can be so very unlucky, "Yep! Bad enough being burdened with female hormonal issues, but why I ask does Mondays' visit have to bring it?"

This particular Monday morning isn't any more unusual than the rest, but it is a little more humourous and I think it worth sharing.... My daughter graced me with her presence for the weekend and with it she brought her beloved kitten. At some point through the night my bedroom door had been opened all unaware to me for it seemed I slept peacefully or at the very least sound...

Now, I wonder, did Monday sneak in,... being that he was just around the corner.

I awoke this morning thinking my feet were being eaten by a starved and crazed chinchilla. But as dreaming abruptly came to a halt, I realized it was only my daughter's cat. So, with one eye open I drifted back to sleep. I must have been determined to sleep or my body really needed it because the events that repeated itself next is rather unbelieveable that any one person could or would even endure just one time. Exactly five times my tired, weary head was attacked and pounced on by what felt to me like a ferocious beast...super stunned and a subconscious awareness that I would survive allowed me to go through the assault several times before truly waking, for each time I fought it off I regained drifting back to sleep. Lucky for me, my daughter had the super knowledge to de-claw the blasted furball for the fifth time it attacked I was facing up in a supine position when it sailed flying from the edge of my bed and directly planting its paws over my eyes... There would be no peace, there would be no sleep for I was met with a constant disruption reminding me that Monday was here....

And indeed it is!  Have fun everyone! Be resilient to the things that do not matter on this Monday morning, and be aware that no amount of preparation besides a good sense of humour can help get you through the zany, spontaneous combustions that errupt when you least expect it...or in my case...expect it!!!!


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