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Good Pickup Lines

Updated on November 28, 2010

What’s the best pickup line a man can use? Sorry to shatter the Budweiser stereotypes, but that’s a bit of a trick question: The correct answer is none. Ok, there are two exceptions: 1: You’re George Clooney and 2: You’re so damned charming, you could read the ingredients on a box of Mac and Cheese and women would melt. If you don’t fall into one of these categories, the odds are probably against traditional pickup lines working in your favor.

That doesn’t mean you don’t need a good intro, however. You do. But it shouldn’t come off like a pickup line. Unless you’re in a strip club, where you can say anything you like as long as your money is out. If you’re actually looking to spend more than 5 minutes in a back room, however, you really ought to work on a line that smacks more of sincerity than something out of a soft-core flick, if you know what I’m saying.

If you think the following lines are too plain, too common, or too boring, this is your first mistake; you're assuming we will only be impressed with flash, clever sayings and suave moves. This simply isn't true and those types of lines will only turn us off. If you want a real woman, approach her like a real man -- with plain English and a lot of sincerity. I'd rather be asked if I come here often, than have someone tell a horrible pun they can't even remember the punchline to.

You have beautiful hair.

Show me a woman who doesn’t love hearing this and I will show you a woman you need to run far, far away from. Women like to be flattered, provided it sounds sincere. This means don’t gush, and don’t get mellow dramatic. Just tell her she has beautiful hair and see how she responds. If she says thanks and turns away, she’s not interested. If she thanks you, smiles and gets stupid, you’re in.

You have fantastic legs.

Make sure you can actually see her legs before you use this one, if not, you will sound completely daft. If she’s wearing a dress or skirt, this is a good line to use. The legs are one of the few parts of her body you can compliment without sounding overly perverted, which is what most of you sound like when you comment on our breasts or booty. Tell her she’s got great legs, she’ll love it.

I love the way you move.

Only use this one if she’s just been dancing. This is not something you say as she’s walking up to the bar, as it will sound silly, unless you’re George Clooney. Telling her you love the way you move has a definite sexual connotation to it, but is just light enough that it can be passed off innocently if she’s not interested.

I’d like to buy you a drink.

Notice this does not read, “Can I buy you a drink?” You’re the man, you lead. If you want to buy her a drink, tell her you want to buy her a drink, as this will sound much more masculine and confident than a request to be allowed to do so. Women are not at all accustomed to having it said this way and you will probably catch her off guard in doing so. Use that pause to then ask what kind of drink she’d like. Women like men who show they are capable of taking the initiative. Show her you can and you’ve just upped your odds.

May I join you?

Women who are sitting alone in a bar are usually sitting there waiting for someone to approach them. So, approach; it will make you seem extremely confident, even you're not. Don’t ask if a seat’s taken – that sounds like you’re only going to be interested if she says no. You’re interested, regardless, so let it be known. Besides, if the seat is already taken, that doesn’t mean you can't pull up another chair if she invites you to do so.


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