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Good Relationships How to Make It Work

Updated on September 1, 2010

Make Your Relationship Healthy

To make your relationship healthy, I have learned there are three C’s to a good relationship. These three main parts we all should consider. Let’s start with the first,

“Consideration,” Why, because as one put it, “It’s not always about you all the time.” It’s extremely important to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try and walk in them. We are so fast to blame or criticize our mate or partner. Before speaking, why not stop, think and ask yourself a few questions. Did they mean to hurt us? What are they going through? Is this behavior a natural part of their everyday actions? Is your mate usually very supportive of you? If you can answer yes to any of these, then why not consider what brought this type of action on, and know that there must be something behind your partner’s actions and don't take it personal. Why not consider everyone has a time when they are down and or frustrated? At that time why not stop thinking only of yourself and consider the other person? Let it go, don’t harbor the bad feelings. Why not consider your partner and figure out how you can help them to get through it, whatever it may be? Do you know you just avoided bad feelings, possibly an argument and turned it into appreciative feelings? Antonyms of consideration taken from a U.S thesaurus is, failure, neglect, disregard and disrespect. Why bring this negativity into your relationship, when all you have to do is consider your partner? On the other hand, why not bring the positive synonyms into your relationship? Regard, reflection, review and thought. These are positive actions that can occur and have positive reaction in a relationship.

The second “C” is Compliments. Some may feel that is hard to do. Is it really? Whether you have been in this relationship for a long-time, or a short-time. Think back, to the time when you took the time to say hello, how are you? You asked that special person, can I take you to dinner and you were so proud to show them off. You thought of long walks together and enjoyed one another. You did everything to make that special person happy. You were proud just to have them by your side. Then came the most important time, you felt that person was so special you wanted to spend the rest of your life with them. So reinvent that feeling and decide what you like or liked best about that person. There is where the compliments will begin. These may seem corny, but how would you feel if someone complimented you with one of these, You… have a great way with words, are a terrific leader, are a good provider, are fun to be with, make a house feel like a home, are capable of accomplishing whatever you believe, can do anything you set your mind to, are kind, always motivate me, bring out the best in me. Why not take this list and continue to build your own list? Try them one by one. Compliments is like a virus, once started it will spread to the next person and your relationship will begin to grow in a positive direction.

The third and most important “C” is Conversation/Communication. The dictionary’s definition is one of the most important recipes to a healthy lasting relationship, “The spoken exchange of thoughts, opinions, and feelings; talk.” Even when the conversation has turned to a harsh exchange of words, if the lines of communication is not cut off and continued it can be a lesson learned. Ever notice if you talk to a person long enough you find out a lot about them. Like how they were hurt as a child/adult. You learn they were lonely, lost, abused, forgot about and the list can go on. When you are in a relationship that exchange of thoughts usually will lead to honest talk and truly understanding one another and understanding where your partner is coming from. Most misunderstandings and arguments stem from a lack of communicating with one another. In reality we know communication or good conversation is not so easy all the time. However, it’s also not so hard. Communication holds the key that unlock something more precious then anything we could ever materially give to each other. What that is, is knowledge of knowing one another intimately. Open up to this person you care so much for. Conversation and communication is the key to a healthy, happy enriched relationship. If you are so overwhelmed with work, school, the kids etc., why not take time out. Time for one another, to rebuild and reopen that line of communication. Take a weekend and share in an unforgettable Bed and Breakfast experience. Why not take advantage of some needed time alone. I put a convenient link to the best bed & breakfast inns worldwide. So my friends, every successful relationship has good communication.

Add your relationship to the list “C’s” that will help you establish or continue your already flourishing relationship!


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