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Online Dating Profile Examples for Success!

Updated on December 8, 2010
Scuba Diving!
Scuba Diving!

Make the pictures unique and exciting!


1. Photos

Your profile must have a photo…several photos are better. If your profile does not have any photos, it will be overlooked because most people think you have something to hide. A photo also helps a potential mate visualize you and see if they may be physically attracted to you. Your photos need to be exciting. Don’t just show yourself sitting in front of the computer or drinking a beer. Show pictures of you doing exciting things (hopefully, you do something exciting in your free time…online gaming, like World of Warcraft, doesn’t count). The photos should be brightly colored also. Grey and dull are associated together.

Also, don’t use photos where you’ve obviously cropped an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife out of…these look silly, especially when they still show part of the ex’s face, body, or hair! Take a look at your competition and make sure your photo stands out. Yes, this means do a search for the guys in your area with similar demographics…this is who you are competing with.

Creative Profile Title Example

Astronaut with Money to Burn Seeks Shopping Spree Companion

2. Profile Title

In conjunction with a thumbnail of your main photo, the title is typically shown. This needs to be something cool. Be creative! Your title needs to stand out. Don’t use the stupid ones like, “Just looking”, “Hello Ladies”, or “Wassup?” You need to stand out. There are way more guys on-line than women, so women can be pickier. Take a look at the competition and make sure yours is cooler. Ideally, it should be witty and funny. I used to use one that said something like “Astronaut with Money to Burn Seeks Shopping Spree Companion”. I can’t remember all the ones I used, but you also need to change your title regularly. This way if one of your titles doesn’t catch the girl of your dreams, perhaps the other one will!

3. Profile Body / Details

Again, be creative. Don’t sound boring. Be different. Don’t say you “just hang out with friends”, “watch movies”, etc. Say something cool that stands out…you need to sound exciting. Women want to be with someone that is fun and exciting. Use colorful phrases…don’t lie about yourself, but make even the boring things you do, sound more interesting. For instance, if you like to play World of Warcraft all the time, don’t say “love to play on-line games”…say something like “leads guild in endless struggle against alliance”…this sounds better and may generate follow up questions…like what is a guild? What is alliance, etc? Here’s an example of one I wrote some time ago:

I'm a funny fit man living life in balance of work, play, and adventure. Travel rocks! I dig drinking Redbull/vodka in Interlaken, Switzerland, being mesmerized by the dizzying mountains, breathing the pine scented fresh air, and canyon jumping from 100 meters. I enjoy eating Moroccan food in Gibraltar, mussels in Brussels, and Jagerschnitzel in Bavaria. I work out daily and compete in triathlons...I can now swim like a fish! Dancing in the clouds is a rush, so is battling barracuda, sharks, and killer remora at 100 feet below the ocean surface. I like the spray of the salty, cool ocean water on the ride back to shore. I enjoy the pain, satisfaction, and personal journey of finishing a Half-Ironman Triathlon. I admire desire, passion, and commitment. I find myself wondering 'what else can I do or experience to add to my being'? I like Poison and Underworld, but can appreciate Phantom or Miss Saigon. I don't believe in the Atkins diet or laziness. I smile when I look at the sky and think about falling through it. Nothing is quite as cool as hearing yourself accelerate to terminal velocity as you jump from a hot air balloon! Sushi and Sapporo go together. Big Macs and fries don’t. I like intelligent people that don't believe everything they read or hear. I'm not afraid to step outside my comfort zone. I try to minimize my passive entertainment. I prefer to do a participant in life, not a spectator. I want to find someone that appreciates Vanilla Sky and realizes there's more to life than the 60-mile radius we call home.

Cultivate More than One Relationship

4. Don’t Put All Eggs in One Basket

Do not simply try to pursue one woman at a time…you’ll become obsessive and drive her away. It’s best to talk to multiple women. Don’t think of this as finding “the one”…think of it as simply interacting with potential friends. Also, the more people you pursue, the better you become….practice makes perfect. At first it will seem awkward to go from emails to chat to phone to first date, etc., but after awhile it will be no big deal and you’ll become less nervous and more relaxed. Another reason to pursue more than one female is you avoid relying on a single lead. You have multiple leads that are in multiple stages. This way if one lead goes away, it’s not that big of a deal. Plus, in my experience, girls tend to find someone that is busy more interesting. If you have multiple girls you’re pursuing and also have multiple hobbies/interests (basically, you have a life), you’re less likely to answer the question “when do you want to get together?” with “whenever, I have no plans”…do not ever state “whenever, I have no plans”…this makes you look like a loser with no friends, no hobbies, and nothing going on.

Do Something Original

5. First Date

This is tricky. If this is someone that you’re unsure about from your phone conversations (yes, don’t meet someone without first talking to them on the phone – you can tell a lot about a person on the phone that you can’t discern from email or chat), meet this person at a neutral place for lunch. Don’t waste an evening and it’s awkward to end the evening early on a weekend…lunch is simple…have lunch, state you got to meet your friend at the gym, etc., and leave. If it’s someone you’ve spoken to a lot on the phone and hit it off with, dinner is okay. Be expected for them to look differently than they describe. In my experience, lots of girls that state they are “fit” or “normal” are actually overweight…be prepared for this. Worse case, you’ve made a friend. Also, if this is someone you really want to make a good impression with, do something cool on the first date – dinner at Applebee’s and a movie is lame. Find out what she likes from your phone conversations. If she like’s Spanish food, make reservations and meet her at a Tapas place. Arrive a little early and sit at the bar and have a drink. Don’t wear crappy clothes…wear a nice shirt and nice pants. The place you choose for dinner should also demonstrate your excellent knowledge of cuisine and the cool and happening places in the area. After dinner, do something besides a movie…you can’t talk at a movie and this is your first date! Suggestions for something other than a movie: wine bar, a lounge (not a club with 80s music blaring…somewhere with a cool ambiance that you can hold a conversation in), a coffee shop, miniature golf, an aquarium, a zoo, etc. Good luck!


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    • profile image

      Lisa 6 years ago

      Cheers for the tip Jake! That penmyprofile site is seriously good. I wasn't sure if it would be alright for me order as I'm from Lubbock and they look like brits. But they did a great job and I've got loads of messages on my profile. Thanks Jim, you're a star.

    • profile image

      keith 6 years ago

      Some good examples yet your profile I was very bored by how do you get response from that? honesty I didn't read the end of the first paragraph. I did like some of your tips and will use them great job on the tips!

    • profile image

      Jake 6 years ago

      Just to add that if you’re still struggling to write a profile after these great tips, then you should try

      I’m not sure if there site is up yet, but they wrote me an amazing profile that brought out all my best points. Highly recommended!

    • kea profile image

      kea 8 years ago

      @dealrocker - thx for the nice comment and for joining my fan club! I'll check out some of your hubs :)

    • dealrocker profile image

      dealrocker 8 years ago from California

      Very nice hub! Great information and tips for online dating. Liked your other hubs too! Joining your fanclub and would like to invite you to join mine!

    • kea profile image

      kea 9 years ago

      Thanks Randy B! It's like anything else in life...the more you put into it, the more you get out of it! There are a few people that seem to put thought into online dating, but most just spend about 5 minutes throwing a profile up and wonder why no one seems interested. That's good for people like me though :)

    • Randy Behavior profile image

      Randy Behavior 9 years ago from Near the Ocean

      Wow, I didn't realize how much work online dating is. And I never would have guessed a man would put this much thought into it. I bet you were very successful. Nice!


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