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Grabbing Someone's Attention: How to Make a Potential Suitor Notice You

Updated on May 6, 2012
Is it possible to make him or her notice you without compromising who you are?
Is it possible to make him or her notice you without compromising who you are? | Source

How do you define the importance of finding love? From 10 percent to even the full 100 percent, there's no real sliding scale to determine anything. Love is literally in the eye of the beholder. Women could either be full on career girls or housewives stuck in their kitchen. Luckily, the line between being the next President and a present day June Cleaver is in a much more grey area than it was in the 1950s.

Nowadays, there's a little more flexibility in determining a timetable where marriage can be put on the backburner until the time is truly right. The only problem is what to do when a love connection is made and how to act upon it. Sometimes romance doesn't happen as easily as it would in a romantic comedy. The girl doesn't get the guy by the time the end credits start to roll. Love can take days, weeks or even decades for it to happen. All it takes is for one thing to make it change from strangers to something greater.

Here are three options to choose in getting a possible Mr. or Ms. Right to look at you different. The options might have some complications. It's better to discern what works for you and what doesn't before committing to any action, because you can't undo something once it's set in motion.

The friend approach allows strangers to become more comfortable with each other. It's easier to cut through the red tape of what could've been a painful first date full of rehearsed conversation and tense flirting. Trying to reveal enough but not be too much of an open book before the entrees are served. A prime example of putting a strong friendship before a lifelong romance would be No Strings Attached with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher starting off as good friends before taking the next step.

Of course, the couple made the mistake of starting their romance as "friends with benefits" when both wanted to be more than that. It was simply a defense mechanism to protect themselves from a possible break-up down the line. The best suggestion would be to lay a few ground rules in case of a break-up before throwing caution entirely to the wind. When it comes to love, the risk is just as rewarding as the end result.

The direct approach is the most obvious one, but the riskiest one of all. One or more hearts can be broken with the simple slip of three magical words "I Love You." Of course, a declaration of love is always proceeded by a long road filled with twists and turns. A case of misunderstanding and a few false starts just before the big reveal. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere danced around their growing feelings on Pretty Woman, which started as a business arrangement and evolved rather rapidly.

The big reveal came when Gere's Edward went to see Roberts' Vivian to declare his love for her. He had to fight his nerve and his fear of heights to reach her. Sadly, the big reveal can lead to ultimately rejection from the object of affection. Roberts' film My Best Friend's Wedding had her character risking it all to stop her friend's wedding to another woman, but her chance had sailed years before. All she could do was watch the man she loved walk away with his new bride and say goodbye to him for good. When it comes to the direct, don't wait too long because you can never get time back once you lose it.

Seduction is a drastic step that allows both parties to skip through the awkward first date phase and head straight to the horizontal delights. This allows a woman to fully explore her sexuality by exuding confidence in the way they carry themselves in how they wear a skintight dress. Of course, the look is cliche, but it's more about the person than the outfit itself. Men also get to channel their baser desires that they aren't usually allowed to channel for quite a while. Confidence is key into making this action a successful one where danger can occasionally come hand in hand.

Think Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct minus the serial killer subplot. Instead of going the conventional route, they went straight for the carnal connection and allowed a stronger one to follow after the fact. This approach isn't for everyone because the seductive approach can sometimes backfire. Those looking for the White House and Picket Fence lifestyle shouldn't take this approach to kickstart a relationship, unless they are making a homemade skin flick instead.

In the end, love is simply about being open to the possibility of a new adventure. All you have to do is let down your guard long enough to let someone else in. It doesn't have to be a soulmate, just a partner to run alongside you as you go through the next chapter of your life. Keep it simple and embrace every new opportunity as a blessing instead of a curse. Don't resolve to cheap tricks to do it. Always be yourself and everything you deserve will come your way.


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