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Grace( Effortlessness).

Updated on September 14, 2016



Ever wondered why life unfolds the way it does?
Why bad times hurt.
Why good times never seem to last.
Do you remember how liberating it feels after a spell of uncontrolled laughter?
The stinge ‎of heart ache.
When days are long when basking in boredom.

That moment when you realise you have wasted your time, and accomplished nothing materially, spiritually you are in a state of burden.When nothing makes sense.When hope is flirtatious and can never count on her when you really need her, what's the point of trying?

When living seems like dying a slow death, painful, never ending, whole you lay in a casket buried in sands of broken dreams.When everything does not go your way.Are you cursed, are you simply lucid and complacent.

Forever seems like fiction, we have all been sold the fairytale of eternity.True love can not be found, you may seek it, yet with grace you inherit wisdom, knowledge which comfort solitude.

Never ending wars, what are they fighting for?Everybody dies, tell me what is the use of trying. Anger rages, displacing the peace. What's left of our legacy, poverty, heart ache and repossed promises.

Count your blessings, lessons are the essence.

What would you die for? The price of attaining wealth, climbing a ladder laced with broken friendships. Betrayal, envy feed and fuel mankind's appetite.

Streams of rivers flows for miles upon kilometres, nurtured by the seasons of rain.What at seem like river beds, dams and rivers the master plan of mother nature.Life is a palm of paths, the very moment has elements of the history of our future destiny.

The after life is buried in betrayal, survival has divorced us, we are widows of the universe, United at birth, set free at death.

God's Poet Nkosi

Young Black Dillinger

Lucifers Angel

Uncle Nathi


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