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Grooms’ Cake: Gift your Groom a Delicious Delight at your Wedding

Updated on August 9, 2013
Grooms' Cake
Grooms' Cake

Grooms' cake has its roots in Southern United States where it has been a tradition to have a grooms' cake. Intended to be a gift from bride to groom, this once-forgotten tradition has caught the fancy of everyone in the recent times. Apart from being a loving gift to groom, this cake also serves the purpose of a dessert at weddings. In fact, there has been a huge spur in the demand for grooms' cakes at weddings in London recently.

If your wedding is imminent and you want to make your groom feel special, then having a grooms’ cake for him at your wedding venue in London will be an extremely thrilling option. It will not only be a delightful add-on but also a way to reflect your love for your beloved husband.

Grooms' Cake - A Brief History

Traditionally, it is the gift from the bride to her groom on the wedding day. It is usually displayed next to the wedding cake and is cut later on. These cut slices are then put into a box and gifted to wedding guests. There is a myth that if a woman sleeps with the slice of the cake snuggled under her pillow, she will dream about her prospective husband that night.

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Preparation Ideas

If you want a groom’s cake at your wedding, there are some points which you should bear in mind. A Groom’s cake is not your usual wedding cake that is rounded off with towers, it is more than that. Keep note of the following things while planning for a grooms' cake:

  • Hire a professional baker as it would be cumbersome for you to have your family doing the “cake-baking” part. It is often better to hire the same baker for both the wedding cake and the grooms’ cake. Remember, however, that you should work in synchronisation with the baker so that the final outcome is desired one.
  • Tell the baker in advance about the flavour of the cake. Normally, the outside part of the grooms’ cake is of chocolate. While for interior parts, go for the groom’s choice.
  • If you want both the cakes to be similar in shape and size, tell this beforehand as the grooms’ cake is normally smaller than the wedding cake.
  • Convey the set-up plan to the organiser. Either you can go for side by side pattern or you can try out different locations for placing the wedding and grooms' cake.
  • If your groom has leanings towards a particular theme, then tell the baker to incorporate that theme onto the grooms’ cake. This will make the cake more personalized and your gift more endearing. The best grooms’ cakes are those that reflect the personality of the groom in the most comprehensive manner.

Cake Decoration : Topping
Cake Decoration : Topping
Grooms' Cake with a Team Logo
Grooms' Cake with a Team Logo


Embellishing the cake in the most delightful way will go a long way in creating an alluring Grooms’ cake at your wedding in London. As this is your personal gift to your groom, therefore you should make sure that the cake is decorated quite aesthetically.

Deciding the Theme

Take into consideration the likes of your groom before decorating the cake. Decoration of the grooms’ cake should reflect the personality and the interests of your groom. For example, if the favourite food of your groom is pizza, then you can have a cake shaped as a pizza with other add-ons like edible figurines, sprinkles and so on.


Frosting also known as icing of the cake, should have the flavour which your groom prefers. Along with this, the colour of the icing should also match the theme.

The topping of the cake should be quite eye-catchy and beautiful. Try adding edible figurines of both groom and bride at the top.

Outside of the Cake

If your groom is an avid sports lover, then incorporate that into the decoration part of the cake. If your groom follows a particular team, then draw the logo of that team on the top of the cake using frosting tubes and the logo colour should also be on the exteriors of the cake. The same can be done with other themes.

Football Stadium Themed Grooms' Cake
Football Stadium Themed Grooms' Cake
Sports Themed Grooms' Cake
Sports Themed Grooms' Cake
Cars Themed Grooms' Cake
Cars Themed Grooms' Cake
Dark Side of the Moon Themed Grooms' Cake
Dark Side of the Moon Themed Grooms' Cake

Topmost Themes for Grooms' Cake

As far as options for the themes are concerned, the possibilities are endless. Sports, travel and adventure are the topmost themes to have for a grooms’ cake. However, there are other themes which you can incorporate as the theme for the cake. Get some clues from the following ones:


Move beyond the clichéd cakes as far as sports is concerned. Football is a religion in London. So, What about having a cake in the shape of a football stadium? Or going for the replica of a baseball helmet and a cap for the cake? It would be even better if you can arrange for a jersey shaped cake with the name of your groom’s favourite player shining brightly.

Cars and Bikes

Almost every guy in London loves cars and superbikes. Take your groom on the test drive of his favourite car or bike, albeit in the cake form! Cakes in the shape of Ferrari, Rolls Royce and other luxury cars lead the race here as every guy dreams of owning a super cool luxury car. The same applies for bikes too.

However, if you want to make the “car and bike” themed grooms’ cake even more personalised, get information about your prospective groom’s toy cars while he was a toddler. Presenting your groom with a cake-replica of that car at your wedding will delight your groom immensely.

Pop Culture

Scour for your groom’s favourite album cover and have that as the theme for your grooms’ cake at your wedding. For example, if your groom is a die-hard fan of Pink Floyd’s iconic album “The Dark Side of The Moon”, then it would be a delicious idea to imitate the iconic cover of that album onto the face of the cake.

Apart from this, reproducing the favourite musical instruments of your groom onto the cake’s face is another option.

Champagne Bottle as Grooms' Cake
Champagne Bottle as Grooms' Cake
Hobbies Themed Grooms' Cake
Hobbies Themed Grooms' Cake
Travel Themed Grooms' Cake
Travel Themed Grooms' Cake
Fire Fighter Themed Grooms' Cake
Fire Fighter Themed Grooms' Cake

Other Hot Themes

Food and Drinks

Cake in the form of grooms’ favourite food is one of the most popular themes. Cakes in the form of pie, pizzas, muffins and even hot dogs and burgers are available at many shops in London. If you do not have enough time, visit websites like that specialise in making beautifully shaped cakes.

In addition to food, beer can-shaped and drinks bottle shaped cakes are quite popular too. Gift your groom his favourite beer or champagne bottle, so that he can have a bite of its taste!


A cake that represents your groom’s hobby is a great way to convey your unparalleled love for your “would-be” husband. Along with this, those guests who do not know a great deal about your groom will get to know a thing or two about him. Either he likes fishing or loves immersing himself into the intricacies of chess, bring alive the hobby of his by giving it the shape of a cake.


Infuse the ambience of your groom’s favourite destination into the cake. If he likes Hawaii, then have a palm beach as the theme of the cake. A travel book with pictures of different destinations also makes for a good theme.

If you have planned for a particular destination for your honeymoon, then recreating that destination into the cake form will not only be quite titillating but “giggle-provoking” too.

Public Service

If your groom is in UK force or a fire fighter with London Fire Brigade, having a grooms’ cake that reflects his work and his field will be best. For example, if your groom is a fire fighter, put up edible figurines of a man in uniform saving someone with the fire vehicle adjacent to him. Make sure, though that the figurine of the fire fighter is eaten by your fire fighter groom!

This popular Southern United States tradition is finding its way into the cultural fabric of London. Have a cake for your groom at your wedding and present him an “edible delight” which he will never forget!


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