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Guys, Change These Three Areas of Your Life, and Start Dating Plenty of Girls

Updated on May 21, 2014

Problem area number one: Dead-end job


  • No hope of advancement
  • Making barely over minimum wage
  • Terrible working conditions
  • Only family members get promotions/raises
  • Horrible hours
  • Terrible, uneducated bosses
  • You have been used for over ten years
  • You are lied-to almost every week

Dead-end job hours: daylight 'til dark

Is this you

inside the back of the garbage truck? Or are you the man stuffing people like you with dead-end jobs inside the garbage truck?

Know what? It really doesn't matter which one you are, the fact is you are at a dead-end job.

Do you not realize, or do you not want to realize that you can do better? Yes. You can better yourself, and do not give me the "I am not educated," excuse with all of the community college opportunities, PELL grants and other types of help, you can get out of this "graveyard-of-a-job," and have some self-esteem.

Now. The other reason that I am pushing-you to apply yourself and do the work and when you get a better job with better pay, you will be more-confident when it comes to asking pretty girls out for dates.

I am serious. I have seen this happen on the realm of my own life--guys like you, beaten-up by "the system," and a greedy, idiot boss who has convinced you that this "pig pen-of-a-job," is all that you will ever be able to do.

Hogwash! Do what I suggested above. Change this area of your life and the other two areas of your life I talk about below and watch how things will change for you.

Example of dead end job: Computer monitor working at home for a monthly-commission

Problem area number two: Your messy apartment

Does your apartment

smell like men's hot, sweaty feet? In each room there is this aroma of feet. Well, my lonely friend, you have yourself a situation that may be draining you of what self-esteem you have and preventing you from dating those pretty girls you keep seeing out with your friends and it is named, "Messy Apartment Monster."


  • Clothes spread everywhere--kitchen, living room, bathroom
  • Shoes pushed underneath your couch, bed, in the microwave oven
  • Someone's underwear sticking-out from underneath your mattress
  • Several men's pairs of briefs laying on the living room floor
  • Beer cans everywhere--and even a beer can pyramid
  • Newspapers, magazine strewn over your bed, in the floor
  • Old, smelly food containers from every restaurant in town
  • Dirt and dust at least an inch thick on your television, chairs, tables

With problem number one solved

you getting a new, better-paying job, you can now afford some new furniture that you do not have to pay with your blood to own. Plus you can shop the bargain stores, even thrift stores (no shame in saving money) for other accessories for your apartment.

If you want to save money, rent a rug steamer if you have carpet in your apartment, or hire one of those big commercial cleaners that I cannot name in this hub, but the cost is very affordable.

You can also save money on cleaning your apartment yourself or with the help of some of your "more-civilized" friends. Either way, you get a clean apartment out of the deal and the only thing I ask of you is to . . .keep it that way.

And listen, my friend, anyone will tell you that any girl will be glad to be your date on an occasional-basis, but the same girl will take one look at your "pig sty," (before cleaning), and suffer through the rest of the date.

Which do you want? Loneliness and a filthy apartment? Or a clean apartment and plenty of dates with hot girls?

Problem area number three: Your car


Do you say this line

before you leave with (what girl who will go with you) on your date, "Honey, better pack a picnic lunch for me will be needing it."

With a look of shock, your date replies, "Why, sugar?"

Then you answer quickly, "Oh, babe, you will understand it later."

The reason you have this exchange with the girls (who feel sorry for you) and go out with you, is because of your old, worn-out, out-of-style automobile.


  • When you start the engine, wasps swarm from underneath the hood
  • Smoke fills the inside of the car--citizens think you are committing suicide by burning yourself up in your car
  • Snakes have made their homes underneath your backseat
  • Rust has eaten holes in the floorboard, doors, and around the dash
  • You fall on your knees to pray to God if your car stays cranked for over five minutes.
  • When you drive off, there are huge spillages of oil, transmission and radiator fluids underneath your car
  • People laugh themselves into crying when you drive and smoke down the street
  • You cannot date at night because your neighbors have forbad you starting this "monstrosity," up causing kids to think that a creature is afoot in the area.

Again, with problem area number one

solved, getting a new, higher-paying job, you can afford to pay payments on a good, nice-looking, previously-owned, in-style automobile that any girl will be proud to be proud to ride in with you to the fine-restaurant you are taking her to eat a tasty steak and lobster dinner that up until a month ago, was beyond your budget.

And you know and I know that no girl, pretty or otherwise, likes a dinner consisting of Chee-To's, left-over Cheerio's, and some cheap, off-brand soda's.

You will feel a surge of self-esteem that you haven't felt in years when you drive into the parking lot of your new job driving your clean, dependable, shiny car that you chose with the help of "Susie," the hot receptionist you met at your new job.

Now does it all make sense to you, "ex-lonely guy?" Just by changing these three area's of your life, everything else will automatically-change.

If you are in this photo and this is your car, then this story is for you



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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, dear teaches12345,

      Thank you for your bright comment. I am honest. Steady income would help a guy who has lost and is losing in the romance area. Yes, honesty is a key trait for a girl to appreciate--if there are any honest guys left.

      Have a peaceful night, teaches.

      I value your friendship and following.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      Interesting points and advice for men. I would agree that having steady income makes one more available but a nice, charming, personable, and honest person is priceless.