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Guys, Wondering If You're Really A Sexy Beast? -50 things we find sexy about men- Stephanie Bailey

Updated on October 15, 2013
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My passion is writing about love, sex, dating, and relationships. I write based on my own personal experiences and those that I relate to.

Ladies wonder why some men stand out and some don' my list and then make your own to see what sexy really means to you. He should score at least 50% to make the cut.

50 things that are sexy about men:

1. Self-Confident

2. Secure

3. Safe driver—especially in the mountains

4. Reaches for our hand to hold

5. Passionate kisser

6. Rock hard abs

7. Straight white teeth

8. Holding our face or embracing our body while kissing

9. Well groomed (hands, nails, hair & face)


11.Masculine but tender

12.Stops to help a damsel in distress

13.Strong—can pick us up without looking strained

14.Considerate and genuine


16.Protective (not controlling)

17.Chivalrous—opens doors


19.The sexy way you look at us—va-va-va-voom

20.Sharing—saves or offers us the last bite when dining together

21.Great rhythm on the dance floor

22.Plans dates from start to finish

23.After a nice date sends a sweet text once you get home

24.Asks us to let you know when we are home and safe



27.Amazing cook

28.Wine connoisseur

29.Heroic in crisis situations

30.Interacts easily with your friends and family

31.Affectionate in public

32.Successful in life and career


34.Handy—can fix things around the house

35.Kind to animals & children

36.Distinguished & Polished—from how you look to how you speak in public

37.Takes control in a sexy way

38.Mannerly & polite

39.Thoughtful/Makes an effort—doing things you know will make us smile (ie: bring us our favorite flowers or coffee because you actually know!)


41.Passionate about your career & ours

42.Doesn't talk money (complaining or bragging)

43.Great Listener/Attentive & accountable to our needs

44.Philanthropist—fundraising, volunteering, donating

45.Desires to sweep us off our feet--planning trips, surprise gifts

46.Well spoken & literate or has a sexy accent

47.Limited baggage—ex-wife, kids, complicated family

48.Having respect for your mother and women in general (but no Mama's boy)

49.Men in uniform and/or athletic

50.Mind-blowing sex or sexual chemistry (ie: you look us in the eyes while making out or during sex)

If you scored above 50% Hooray Hurrah! You're either a sexy guy (ahem---single…email me stat) or ladies you know what you want and have a sexy man—Congrats!

If not...

Guys you have 50 hints above—do your homework.

Ladies, you have your list, so happy searching and I hope you find your sexy man soon!


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