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Four ways to get over a heartbreak

Updated on April 13, 2020
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I am Mrs Lawretta Ayodeji White; a minister of God with a Law degree. A lover of Jesus Christ. I love life and live it to the full God's way

Let’s get one notion straight and out of the way; the idea that the best way to get over a heartbreak is to get under a new man or woman is completely false and very unproductive. It creates for more hurt and a deeper wounding. The idea of jumping into bed with someone new just to get over a heartbreak is adverse to your healing because you are not in the right frame of mind yet (love wise) to make rational decisions. You need to come to terms with your new situation and then heal from the wound before running off with someone new.

That said, heartbreaks create a deep feeling of sadness in an individual especially when someone they love leaves them for another. A broken heart can be mended but a scattered heart cannot (when a person dies). When you experience a heartbreak, always remember that it can be mended with greater love. Sometimes a heartbreak makes you understand and appreciate the reality of life. It equips you with the knowledge on how to better treat your next relationship. Sometimes a failed relationship maybe the experience you need to create for a successful forever lasting love affair. Like they say; experience is the best teacher!

If you were in a relationship, and your partner suddenly tells you that the relationship is over; my advice is that you ‘simply move on!’ There is no need crying over spilled milk, you will only make a mess! I know it’s easier said than done but if you follow my recommendations below on the four ways to get over a heartbreak, you should be back on your feet in no time.

In consolation, most times when a person suffers from a heartbreak it may be because you were both not meant to be together and so nature finds a way of causing you both to separate so that you can eventually meet the right person. Don’t give up on finding love, hold strong and you will overcome that broken heart of yours. For a fact; there is a man and a woman out there for everyone!

Here are my recommended four ways to get over a heartbreak

1. You need to pray for internal healing. Yes, prayer is important if you truly want to heal. The world is a spiritual place and so you do need spiritual and physical healing of the mind, soul and body to get over a heartbreak. This is because when you are internally healed (spirit and soul), it would definitely reflex on the outside (body). With this, people will see a smiley you and not a dull face.

2. You need to spend time with friends, family and loved ones more often because we all know that ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’. So please don’t stay idle. When one is hurting, I recommend that you spend more time with friends, family and loved ones. Keep your thoughts clear of distractions by keeping busy especially around people who make you happy.

3. You need to dress and look good at all times. This will enable you attract attention; people will begin to notice you and that will put you back on the dating scene. Looking good and dressing nice always attracts attention, and remember; you need such attention to enable you make new friends which in turn will help you forget the old ‘torturous’ ones.

4. lastly, go on an adventure. Take a trip to somewhere in someplace. Just have fun even if it is for a day. Make happy memories while you are at it. A heartbreak is not the end of life, trust me; from experience, it is nature’s way of decluttering a person’s life in anticipation of someone really good to come! Just hang on!

Heartbreaks last as long as you want them to, but only the strong knows when to shake it off and move on. Why die in pain, when your heart can be mended? Nurturing a broken heart is not worth it. Move on! If your heart has just been broken, do not worry because there is a better person out there waiting for you!


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