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Updated on July 9, 2011

Every time I feel frustration! I dont think of me I think of US!

Every time I want to argue, I write what I feel concerning US!

When I think of me my mind stays in a twist.

When I think of you I feel unworthy to live in the midst,

Of the love you give and have given.

You've packaged your love with a red ribbon.

With rainbow wrappin'.

You brighten my day by givin' me lifes' trappings.

My life alone , I don't have to feel.

My life alone, What can I build?

Thinking of me alone, Forms a shield.

Repelling the love of others from penetrating, It's like steele!

Tempered and sealed.

When I think of us, Life becomes real.

Even though situations aren't ideal.

I began to feel.

The numbness squeals as it retreats I have to learn how to deal.

Problems and ordeals,

Pennies or mills!

Still have to live day to day and meal to meal.

It's Christmas and my position is last

Watching others havin' a blast.

Faces smiling, shining like sunlight reflecting off of glass.

Diamonds that are cast,

in Platinum,sparkling like morning dew on perfectly cut grass.

The life I lead must be gold and not brass.

Been and Being, without the has.

Life itself, IS the ultimate task.



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    • 10.ABDUL profile image

      10.ABDUL 3 years ago from 90037

      One of my favorites