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How Gender Identity Has Harmed Feminism and Gay Rights

Updated on September 17, 2019

Growing up in a world where gender was defined as either male or female, groups such as the national organisation of women (NOW) flourished and , at times made some valid points as to equality as did many of the gay rights organizations. But in the world of today, with so many genders “popping” into existence and people simply permitted to identify as one of these genders at will, the arguments of the afore mentioned groups have become severely diluted. Another movement within this movement is to do away with the concept of gender entirely and refer to everyone as gender neutral. As we will explore here, this will have a debilitating effect on feminist and gay rights issues.


For decades, women's organizations have cried out against the wage gap between men and women, as well as the shortage of female executives in fortune 500 companies. These arguments, however, are evaporating more and more as the gender identity movement gains steam. If society were to eliminate gender identity and adopt a gender neutral stance, how can “women's groups” even exist if there are no women? Such a move undermines everything that the femenist movement has struggled for for decades.

But, let us suppose that society opts out of gender neutrality in favor of selective gender identity, thus allowing people to choose their genders from a list of 15 or so options. Women's groups would not really know whom they are representing. Are they representing biologically female people or simply a man who identifies as a woman on that day? Furthermore, what protections are put in place to assure that a male cannot simply claim to be a woman in order to benefit from programs set up to empower and advance women and women's causes? The liberal groups cannot demand that programs are set up for “natural born women” without creating pandemonium among other liberal groups. It would be total chaos within the ranks of the left. We are already starting to see a negative aspect of selective gender surfacing in the area of women's sports. Transgenders are beginning to dominate women's sports because even though they may identify as women, they still have the upper body strength as men. It is an irrefutable fact that men and women are built differently. Women's sports were designed so that women could compete and gain recognition for their abilities as athletes, only to have their limelight stolen by a man, who believes he is a woman.


Homosexuality is defined as being sexually attracted to the same sex. If society opts for gender neutrality, suddenly everyone becomes a homosexual since, in fact everyone has the same gender! While initially it generates This eliminates any hope of protected status that the gay rights movement has battled for over the decades.

Let us suppose that society opts for selective gender instead. Gone are the hate crime protections that have been recently put in place. Any individual can claim to be a member of any gender at any point. Someone accused of being a “gay basher” can spontaneously claim to be gay as well, regardless of gender, thus causing the hate crime argument to go away. Furthermore, if a gay man is in a relationship with another man who identifies as a woman, under the rules of selective gender identity, the gay man becomes a heterosexual! Selective gender identity also removes the argument that people are born as homosexuals. Since gender identity is now a choice, so is homosexuality. They have essentially muted their own argument. Since it would be difficult to tell who is who in a gender selective society, any claims of discrimination against gay people vanish as well.


While the LGBTQ movement pretends to be an all inclusive ideology that does not discriminate, it is essentially the epitome of exclusiveness. It is literally stating “everyone excluding heterosexuals”. This is also the same as the “PEOPLE OF COLOR” community meaning quite literally, anyone who is not white. These are in fact the most discriminating concepts in the fact that they exclude a specific class of people while pretending to march under the banner of inclusiveness. What the LGBTQ community fails to realize is that every constitutional right applies to them as everyone else and always has. The constitution is written in such a way that it does not exclude anyone from enjoying a particular freedom over another.

By being all inclusive, the causes for lesbians and gays are trivialized in an effort to include transgender, gender fluid, individuals and so forth. Specific issues that were important to the “gay community” are now just thrown on the heap with the rest. Lets face it, the issues and struggles that a gay man faces are far different than those of a transgender person. Their plight has been undermined in the name of (not so) inclusiveness.


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