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Updated on June 12, 2010


Hello hubbers, today let’s talk about how we can improve our marriage relationship. You know I have previously written on whether any marriage can actually work or flourish without the creator of marriage himself; (God) Gen 1:27-28. I think from my own experience that w actually need God in our relationship to experience peace and stability in it. Well, if you want to have details of my reason, you can visit my hub,”can any marriage succeed without God”In this article, i want to talk about some great ideas you can put to work to improve your marital life. Before we proceed, you must know that, ‘love never fails’ according to 1 corth. 13: 8. That chapter of the scripture made it clear that every other thing can fail except one thing which is love. The question is, if love never fails, then why is it that marriages are failing on daily basis around the world? And we all know that, at the base of every marriage today is found on love, (please note: that love is in quote) and also bearing in mind the highest sacrifice and vow of, “till death do us part” they take on their wedding day, one expected that, they should stick to it selflessly but today the reverse is the case. You see, as I said before in that scripture that I quoted above, ‘love never fail’ and we know the scripture cannot be broken then, the problem is the type of love people profess, “Diluted and selfish based love”. Love is the mother of marriage is all about sacrifice, and marriage suppose to be an alter where the monster called, “I” that selfish representative is crucify finally never to rise again. 
However, if your marriage or relationship is facing some challenges, here are some suggested ideas you could use to improve or put a new life to it.
1. RENEW YOUR COMMITMENT: recommitting yourself to your marriage and relationship is very important. As challenges are part of relationship and even life in general. There must be some rough edges in marriage. Or else, what would you expect from two imperfect people? Therefore, it is very important that you recommit yourself to your marriage to rekindle the first love. After all I learnt that in the UK, upon graduation from the university, if you refused to undergo any form of refresher course for the period of five (5) years your certificate is term to be redundant. So, why not you try to win your mate back again? Start to do things that you use to do for the highest good of your mate.
2. ADORPTING THE INITIAL DATING STYLE: those things that you use to do when you were dating, go back to them. Because nobody want to be taken for granted. What I am saying in essence is, keep wooing and winning your mate again and again.
3. LET THE SACRIFICE CONTINUES: give up something for your mate. The master Himself said it that, “he that want to keep his life would loose it but he that give his life for my sake shall have it more abundantly” so for you to improve your relationship, that relationship or marriage must be the alter where the monster called, “I” must be crush. Marriage is where sacrifices are make on a daily basis, when you make sacrifice, it send the right signal. For instance, when you say yes, I know I planned to attend so, so and so function, but I would rather be with you.
4. BE ATTENTIVE, ESPECIALLY TO THOSE LITTLE THINGS: you know little stuffs get forgotten too easily. Little things that turn on mate like paying your wife compliment or buying her a card to say ‘I love you’. Or surprising your husband by hearing his favorite dress and making him his special meal.
5. ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE OF YOUR MATE: this is very important, always emphasis on the positive of your mate, that is why the scripture say that, ‘love covers multitude of sin’ you should know that as you are prone to mistakes and errors as human, so is your mate. So, if you are looking for perfection all the time, then there would be trouble in the camp and the resultant effect is not always good to hear. Instead let your love for him or her as the case may be covers his or her weaknesses and concentrate on the positive side of your partner so there would be improvement on every side of your relationship or marriage.
I hope this few suggestion of mine will do some magic in your relationship and marriage.


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