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Updated on January 25, 2019


 In relationships today, there seems to be a problem immediately the words "marriage", "committment" are mentioned. The reason being that the men sometimes get "scared" of finding out things about their "women" that would sour their relationships if they commit. How can you deal with the fears? Here are Seven (7) things about women every man needs to know....and prepare themselves for:

1. THEY ARE EMOTIONAL: Everything around a woman brings out her emotional side especially when she is with the person she loves. As long as a woman's heart is occupied with someone, she is receptive to all kinds of emotions. She can be possessive (some of them hide this effectively), she exhibits signs jealousy when her position seems threatened, she guards her "territory" jealously even when you hardly notice it. She can be extreme with her emotions but all are genuine feelings that stem from her love for you.
2. THEY DEMAND YOUR TOTAL ATTENTION: Most men are angry why their women tend to disturb them over "trivial" issues when they provide her with whatever she "needs". A woman who loves you does not need your money or gifts half as much as she needs your ears, your eyes and your heart. You may be the poorest guy around but if you learn to give her your total attention, she can die for you. They want you to ask them how their day went and then expect you to listen carefully and interestedly to the long and unabridged version. It is how they are made, just love them the same way.
3. THEY ALWAYS KNOW WHAT TO SAY TO "DISTABILIZE" THEIR MAN: All women have this unique gift of not lacking the right words to say to provoke you to things you normally would not want to do. In the same vein, they can also say the right words to spur the man they love to heights he never expected to attain. They are that good. So next time they say the words that provoke you, just take it as one of their unique gifts and appreciate the beauty behind the frowning face and the pouting lips!
4. THEY ARE VERSATILE AND DYNAMIC: I know the Bible describes women as the weaker sex but that goes to show that if they are capable of the things I have come to notice, then the men are performing well below expectation! Women are the more focused in every relationship and whatever they set their minds on, they achieve it because they do it with singleness of purpose. If you teach your spouse to believe in herself and give her the chance to express herself, she can make you President. It is amazing how my mum was able to get up so early in the morning, make breakfast, bath the kids, minister to her husband, go to work, perform at work, return on time to make lunch, get the kids back from school, wash the dirty laundry that can not wait till tomorrow, get the kids to sleep and keep them under discipline, make dinner for her husband, get the kids to eat, tuck them in at night, go through the house to make sure all things are okay, sometimes succumb to the sexual demands of her husband , sleep late, wake up early and start the circle all over again. Man, can you do that? Honestly?
5. THEY ARE ADAPTABLE: Take a woman who loves you to the City and she will blend in perfectly. Take that same woman to the village after years in the City and she will adapt admirably - as long as she is sure of your love, she can do anything for you.
6. THEY HAVE A LARGE CAPACITY TO LOVE AND ENDURE: A woman can die for what she believes in, for what she loves. She can endure long periods of pain and discomfort for the people she loves. This makes her to be innovative and to explore avenues to make the family stronger in everything. She literally makes water to flow in the desert.
7. THEY ARE NEVER TIRED OF HEARING THOSE MAGIC WORDS: I LOVE YOU!: The best thing you can do for your wife is to tell her each day how much you love and appreciate her. I have learnt to appreciate my wife every day with those words. Each time I say it, she glows and becomes like a flower in bloom. She never gets tired of it. It sounds genuine and authentic when it comes from someone she has given herself to in all totality.
There may be other things but if you faithfully learn to appreciate the treasure by your side, you will have a Marriage made in heaven, I assure you.


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