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Happy Happy 37th Bitrthday Dr. Buthi Pheko.

Updated on February 5, 2016

Let us be Thankful


Happy Happy Birthday Buthi Pheko.

Happy Happy Birthday Pheko.

Happy 37th .

To Exodus, the family boat.

The home guard Dog, Lulu(umanga).

To The Audi A4, keep her mint please Lord.

The Land Rover which gets the family safely and comfortably to all the family adventures.

To Bongis Vintage Ford Focus, 8 years and still taking our loved ones safely to all the places the heart desires.

To the UNO she paved the way for my beetle, bringing to life the drive way my passion and caution behind the wheel.

On a lighter note.

R.W.H.B.T (Rest in ‎with Heavenly biscuits Topsy) we will always remember your joyful soul, Blackie can't wait to meet you).

K.G continue to blossom, daddy, is so proud, your gentle nature will sooth all pains.

Trials are tribulations yet they built character.

Tlabi, what grace to have a sister so caring, ever spoiling and protecting her loved ones.

Ma, Dad, Khulu and Gogo thank you for giving me the best possible start in life, Pretoria Boys Highs, not to mention the, grace and miracle of being raised in waterkloof in the late 90s.

Thank you to my gorgeous bride, the palm of my soul, my bride Bongiwe you are the symbol of purity.

My son Nkgwete, may you remain curious, spontaneous, witty, grateful, may your energy bring much needed compassion and joy to the world.

To my daughter Thembani, " Young Prof" Baby Joyce. Stay bubbly, preserve your energy as you walk through this journey called LIFE.

May Life be kind. May your motives, be driven by the love of knowledge, Sophia( Greek for Philosophy).

To my brother in Law Nkosinathi, Uncle Nathi It ain't easy being me will I see the penitentiary or will I stay FREE?

Keep your head Up"Tupac Amaru Shakur" My Thankfulness ( Reflections of my soul)

Thank you Lord for my First home in Waterkloof.

May goodness reside in all forms of life that Co habit and enter my residence.

May temptation, flee my happiness, may nothing temper with my happy home.

Thank You God for my Birthday.

Thank you that I put a smile on the face of every single of my patients.

May I start my practice one of the beautiful days.

May I run a clinic.

May I run a hospital.

May I help heal the world through all I have learned.

May the world be paradise while we breathe.

Lots of Love Always,

Dr Pheko Tlailane.


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