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Happy, Happy Womans Day, 09 August 2015.

Updated on August 8, 2015

Happy Happy Women's Day, 09 August 2015.


Happy Happy Woman's Day.09 August 2015.

Happy woman's day.

To our sister's.
Aunts who spoil us rotten.
Girls who become ladies, then mothers.

To all brides who make life Heaven on
Earth for their spouses.
To all the sisters that never gave their brothers
a head ache.
Nor did their mothers have to worry about them
being able to make wise choices, which would
make life comfortable in their future, no matter
how little ‎they had.

To all daughters, may life be kind.
May you educate ignorance.
May you find love.
May women know their worth.
A faithful nurturing woman is the greatest
treasure‎, to society.

The righteous path fills your life and path with
Darkness lurks in the shadows, yet the light
shines for darkness to emulate to life.

May hardships give you strength.
May you find solutions to hardships.
May the beauty of your soul be relevant in the
Hearts, minds and world of your loved ones.

Do not be ashamed of your scares of your past,
for they reflect the glory of your being.
You are a conquer.


Nkosinathi Ncala.

Gods Poet Nkosi.


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