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True Love Secrets

Updated on May 23, 2013

Loneliness is a horrible feeling


Have we Given up on True Love?

True love is hard to find. There are 25 definitions of love in Webster's online dictionary. However, I choose to believe that love is patience, selflessness, supportive, trusting and always perseveres with effort.

Do you honestly believe we have given up on love? Who are you referring to when you ask if “we” have given up? Are you implying that society has given up? Are you implying that women or men are giving up? Are you implying that the whole world has given up? Have YOU given up on true love? Well, please don’t do that. Be yourself, do what you love to do. Be honest and open with yourself, and take advantage of opportunities without expectations. Live in the moment until you are in a committed relationship. That is when the real work begins.

In my experience, when I don't look for love, love finds me. I had to learn to be content within myself and accept spending my life alone. That kind of thinking has led me to be more independent, giving me more self worth. I am worth the movie I want to see; and I deserve to have a steak dinner before I go to the theater. I guess the confidence I've gained and lack of fear of being alone is attractive to some men. At least it was to my husband.

"If at first you don't succeed, try try again", Thomas H. Palmer

Have you ever been in love?

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Never Give up on Love

I have been married three times. The first time I was nineteen years old, and dated him for six years before we were married. I was very young, and didn’t know what love was. I thought I did, but I didn't quite have it right. I loved him then and I still do. However, I don’t think I was ever in-love with him. After having two children, the marriage ended in divorce. Fortunately, we still remain friendly.

Just when I was content on living alone with my kids on a half time basis, along came husband number two. He was an incredible, loving man. I fought with myself often while we were courting, because I truly loved him, but was too afraid to admit it because I didn't have much faith in myself, or in marriage. Once I did admit it, we married four months later. Each marriage lasted approximately six years. My second husband became ill and passed away after suffering for four of the six years we were married. I still carry the true love for him that I always had.

My third and final husband was a true gift from God! He was brought back into my life after 25 years. He was a good friend of mine in high school. We were obviously platonic friends since I was dating my first husband all through high school. I never knew that I could love another man like I loved my second husband, but I truly do. As in all successful relationships, we have to work on our relationship. I believe the key is that both parties make sacrifices and behave with the utmost consideration for each others’ feelings.


Anything worth keeping requires work

I believe that by declaring a weekly "date night" where the couple is alone and NOT discussing anything negative, it will bring them closer. Maybe reminiscing would make for a fun, romantic evening. Why not schedule a couples’ massage? Maybe if you plan a spontaneous weekend getaway, the spark in your relationship will reignite. If finances are an issue, have a picnic in the park, at the lake, or the beach. Play a board game, or you could simply slow dance in your living room. Creativity in the bedroom can only be helpful.

Listening, communication and honesty are a must in order to keep a healthy relationship. Without these simple acts, misunderstandings will occur and cause trouble for one or both of you.

I believe in true love. I wish you the best of luck in finding the answers you need. I certainly hope mine were helpful.

"Be kind to one another" ~ Ellen

God Bless You ~ Margaret Sullivan


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