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Having Feelings for Someone Else When You're in a Relationship

Updated on November 18, 2013

Guys who cheat a lot get labeled as a player. Girls do it and she gets called a Slut. Cheating is wrong but it is not just physical it is emotional as well.

When you emotionally cheat you start to have feelings for someone else. As much as it hurts the other person it happens. You can't control your feelings but you can control your actions. Maybe you have feelings for someone else because the person you are with is not giving you what you want.

The more you force the feelings to go away the more you will have them. acknowledge them and at the right time they will go away. Don't start seeing both people because then you will end up in a love triangle and love triangles always have consequences. You started dating the person you are with for a reason. Think about it and if you don't want to fix on your problems then make the cut. Don't string the person you are with a long. At the same time don't give up the good guy for a player. Otherwise you will be alone and the nice guy will have someone who appreciates them.

There are times when you meet someone else whom you are attracted to. Think things through before making any tough decisions. If you have a deep love then nothing or no one could stand in your way.

Did you ever have feelings for someone else when you were in a relationship?

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    • word55 profile image

      Word 4 years ago from Chicago

      1st of all, a real guy in a relationship is not genuine. He will get his shortcoming later. If a woman is cheating then she is no better whether she's called a player or whatever. Guys say that mostly among guys but if ladies don't want to be called a slut then they should not cheat. Of course, a woman's body is considered way more precious -:) 2 wrongs won't make it right. A woman is not being fair in her relationship it she cheats no matter whether she's called a horrific name or not. Where is the loyalty on her part. Again, a man is no better. Guys used to be proud players but that is playing out. I hear that it is too expensive. They've got to pay to play. That's what I'm hearing too. I must say also Remember, vengeance is not ours to have. Good hub!