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He Beats Me She Says

Updated on August 1, 2019

My husband of 9 years just slapped me for the first time today in front of our son. Should I slap him back to show my husband that he will get the boomerang tre

Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good. The one in control is in control but if your emotions overthrow you only make yourself as stupid as him.

Before you slap back why not choose a direction in your life first.

What do you want to do in life help or hurt people? Choose and keep to it.

What do you want to do heal or kill?

Do you want to strengthen or weaken?

Now we know it is wrong of a man to hit his wife, our body should not be abused by our own self or by another.

Now by common sense, we know that we can’t beat sense into anyone, because if they don’t accept it, they don’t accept it. We are free-willed.

Stupid people seek stupid things that even if they knew the answer it would have no value to them.

Caring people seek things that matter and that have value and if they are not sure but have a suspicion of a problem then they know beating the person won’t help them and won’t heal them but we can encourage them and help them help themselves.

I find it foolish a woman married 9 years to think she has to prove her self and for what so that you are looked at as a greater woman as though you knew a good thing.

Who cares if you are or are not afraid of his dad your husband. You married him. You are his wife and if you show him love even though he may curse you and be foul to you, but yet you are good to him and keep in control. You can speak up and try to encourage him and maybe he chooses to be a fool. But that love can melt any heart.

But if you go the other way and join him in his folly, yeah your on your way the same way schizophrenic people go and stupid and foolish people go and they learn to love it and they end up tearing down each other and are no good for not themselves or others around them. They go the path were in many cases murder may be the end result of suicide. They hated to care for each other and neither gave in to do good.

Grow some balls and don’t give in to folly. Do good and show him an example that he could learn from even if he never changes, be a good wife and do good showing honor and respect even if you don’t receive it back. It’s greater to give that honor and respect than it is to receive right?

I have been that way, I know both your places. I understand well and received my reward of a strong broken heart that I never thought would be repaired. I walked like a dead man with nothing to live for and started to love when everything was black and it seemed like nothing, yet to wake up and miss that one I loved with all my heart except I was young and foolish and convinced her I didn’t care but I did so much.

She loved to lie, she enjoyed my reaction and it hurt my heart so bad because I loved her so much, but I couldn’t trust her and I hadn’t known hearts love to lie seeing its not good. She got the same broken heart we both were young and never wanted to be apart. I lied to her when I told her I didn’t care. She believed me because honestly, I practiced. I was violent a kind of man other men would hate. She was violent and we didn’t have the skills or ability or thoughts to recognize or trigger the right spot in each other to improve.

The pain of true love broken is by far the worse thing I ever felt, when stomach hurts for long and you forget what it feels like ever to feel any other way, you feel nothing for pain is all you had known and it had become normal.

If you want to lose your husband then your starting at the right spot when you throw that punch.

But if you care to be of any good example and profit that he may become a better man. it starts with you staying in control and that is just the start of being mature.

My whole life has been dedicated in this area, knowledge can exceed doctor prescribed pills. The power in words can turn the insane sane.


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