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He needs a break? This is what he really means.

Updated on February 27, 2011

This is what you didn't want to hear "babe We need a break"
What exactly does that mean?
"Do we actually need a break to get closer." Or this is just the best way to break up without hurting the other person"
"Does Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder?"

Why does he need a break?

Because He just needs a break.
Guys don't like it when their partners are around them all the time, they need time to hang with friends, time alone, etc..
Also they don't like to get a lot of calls or texts with the same old questions "what you doin babe?".
If you don't have anything important to say don't text or call.
sometimes they want to miss you, guys love when their partners have a life, men love the chase, if u are chasing him all the time theres no fun, they will get it some where else.

If you love him and he needs a break, give him a break, meaning "NO contact!"
Even if you see him on the street, at school, etc.., Don't even smile, keep walking girl!
he said he needed a break right?

I know its hard, but you can't sit around waiting for him to decide when is the "right" time to come back, you don't even know how long it will take for him to make up his mind.
It might be weeks or months.
Find a Hobie,have fun, live your life! When he sees you are not suffering, that you are having fun and enjoying life, he will be running back to you in a second.
Also this is a great time for you to think if he is what you deserve, think about the bad and good things what you like and don't about him, do the math and see if it's worth it.

Now the Ugly side.
A break... Up!
He's just not that into you anymore. (I know you don't want to hear this) but its part of life.

*This is just a nice way to say "its over"
sometimes this kids don't know how to break up like a real man would, so, they give you this cheap excuse for you to get tired of waiting and leave.

*Sometimes they do this to see how desperate you are, when they see you cant live without him, he will come back to you with a new deal " I love you too but I don't want anything serious right now..., but we can hang out sometimes"
What he really means with this is "want to be my doormat?"
Which you don't want to be.

*He gives you hopes by telling you "babe I need a break".
Butheneeds a break to see if he can find someone better than you, but also want you to be around as a back up plan just in case he can't find someone better.
"I've seen this happening a lot of times".
The only way he'll be back to you is if he doesn't find someone else or feels lonely.
But if he does find that other person, add an "UP" to that break and you'll get a full break up.

*If this is the 2nd or 3rd time He asks for a break.
Don't waste your time, it will keep happening.
This is what we call An on and off relationshipwhich is not a good idea its a headache and is so frustrating! "Tell me about it"
Its not healthy, its not the same anymore and you can feel it and see it, why waste your time?
this type of relationships end up really ugly or with one of you cheating.

*Also If you don't agree with this so confusing "break" follow your instincts, if it doesn't feel right, if you feel he is not being honest with you, your instinct might be right.

"So far my instincts have done a great job" ;)



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